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    Is it ever different...small little device...built strong, keyboard is good, and even though people hate the stylus, the stylus i fine is fine.

    But wow is Windows much more difficult compared to PalmOS. Night and day difference. I still need a lot of apps to get my baby up to par if not flying faster...and when i get my miniSD i can then tweak it up to remove some stuff from the extended rom (i dont need, Skype, backgammon, smart dialing, antivirus (that one lags the machine))...

    but yeah so far so good, but i do miss my treo for a lot of things, however one thing I do not miss is the constant resets...still going strong on the PPC, and wifi makes my life easier...(although its an added bonus)

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    Just read yesterday that Palm is replacing the SIM trays in GSM Treos free of charge due to constant resets...

    Still, I'm interested to see how the K-Jam (and others that are just like it with different names: i.e. iMate, O2, etc.) plays out in the market. I'm seriously considering the PPC6700 myself, but I'm waiting until more reviews are available.
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    I made a tough choice between a Treo 650 and the K-jam recently on a new contract, and I went for the 650 mainly for reasons of usability and onehandability on the basic functions like phone, pda, and text messaging.

    Maybe I shouldn't be asking, but does sound right to you? Have you found third party to reproduce things like the text message threading on the 650, or the onehanded portrait mode phone lookup?

    I'm quite disappointed that all of the reviews of the device only drooled over the hardware, without really getting into the software which is what you use everyday. I'm pining for wifi as much as the next guy, but please!
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    Congrats MoFo,

    Could you post some pics taken with the K-jam. I would love to see some indoor shots with the flash and without. How do you think the pics compare to the T650?

    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    i can safely say it isnt my sim tray...its apps itself...ive shaken rattled and rolled my treo and nada...apps baby apps...and dang it all to helli love my treo
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    and a video file


    it is not a text (txt) file!!!
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    Just sent my KJAM back to the person who let me play with it for a bit.

    It's not a keeper for me. The PPC OS is just too darn slow. I felt like I was constantly waiting for apps to load. Not to mention the wait for a soft reset. That and the lack of WM5 compatible apps were the deal breakers for me.
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    okay so what does the k-jam do well

    input is easy...graffiti keyboard onscreen keyboard, transcriber
    multi connectivity...wlan is cool ultra cool i must say
    screen is excellent

    what it does bad
    PIE i can't access a single wap site...everytime i want to go to a wap site, boom it shunts me to the .html equivalent...i only have 100 megs to use a month and well html browsing will destroy that total
    Pocket message...simply gay...
    calendar...uber gay in fact ellen degeneres gay (its a joke from sout park)

    i dunno...i love my treo...i like the k-jam...its very small and its cool to play with...but dang it all to hell i want to beat it senseless...the but no where as productively efficent as the k-jam...the resets drives me insane, plus the fact that if i reset (soft reset sometimes) boom goes all my fact pretty much 3 - 4 times a day i will lose my settings, and well i would have to backup with a file as old as 1 month ago as the corruption carried over the backup to backup..

    treo k-jam..."if for any reason I am not completely satisfied...i hate you" (futurama)

    naw im speaking out of I am trying to do some things but brother is trying to talk to me but dang it all to hell...

    okay im good im good...but greenberg...i think i need you a lot...
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    What do you need sir?
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    i need to find a way to get a better email program and a better calendar...those two are my essentials at present...its uber gay that i have to have the email account in question open to have do an auto sync

    oh yeah i need another browser...
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    I would have a look at Pocket Informant. There is suposed to be a beta on their site that is WM5 compatible.

    Are you syncing with Exchange or just checking IMAP/POP3 mail? You can set it to check mail at any time frame you want without having the Inbox open.

    As for other e-mails apps check out WebIS Mail. I don't know too much about it though.

    For your browser, A lot of people prefer Thunderhawk.
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    Thanks for the photo's Mofo.
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

    Phone history: Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo Centro, Pixi, Centro again, 800w, Treo 755p, Palm Pre
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    i am using pop3 mail.. no exchange.

    oh man...the moment i send an email to expansys saying im thinking about returning my k-jam it starts to behave...i will now call this item "the irrate"
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    Okay, if you're using POP3 the Inbox application does not need to be opened to have the device fetch mail automatically.
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    Soft reset?

    Just stick the stylus tip into the little hole right under the IR port on the right hand side of the device.
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    hmm...okeydokey..see i thought so as well..but unfortunately when i do so...i lose some emails and smses and such...
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    Must be a bug.

    You shouldn't loose anything from a soft reset.
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    oh joy

    well as i said i emailed expansys i will see what they have to say...although its a purdy device i cant...the hw6700 will be the next toy...because in all honestly have the keyboard in front is do i get the wifi sled or not...probably not because the connectors seem bad

    i think someone is telling me to save my money...its not every day i make it above 10k in my bank account
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