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    So it was my turn to deploy again and I couldn't take my Sprint Treo 650 with me (well I could have, but wouldn't have any service); I was faced with a tough decision.

    I could have brought my T|3 but I didn't want to sync my data over, and risk duplicates and the problems that brings, plus I didn't want to go back to an old device. I am not even sure the battery is any good in it either.

    I could have bought a T|5 or a LifeDrive, but again the data issues, plus when I get back there is no way I am carrying two devices again and I have to have my mobile.

    So, I thought that getting a PPC might be an idea worth trying out. As I see it (and sadly for me to say) the Palm platform is not looking like it will be around as much as I want it to be. [Not predicting the death of the platform as has been done many times, just saying that it is'nt like the year 2000 anymore for the palm platform]

    I figured, duplicate data issues. If the next Treo is WM I will be ready. Haven't tried a PPC in a while...give it a shot.

    Bought an HP 4700 at the BX, case, CF and SD card for it, USB charging cable...and had at it.

    MINUSES - No phone, but then that is'nt really fair as it is not a phone, but I do miss having the Treo PDA/Phone in one.

    Size, it is huge.

    Speed. This thing is soooo frickin slow it is not funny. And everyone in the PPC forums says that this thing is fast, I don't get it. My Treo is way faster.

    Memory leaks out the yin yang....and yes I have a utility to make the x really close the apps, but it still eats up memory for lunch.

    Can't find apps that do everything that I had on my Palm. Directory Assistance is one that comes to mind, but I think I found a replacement for that....I started a list but not sure where it is right now...lets say the equal applications issue is a draw...

    Took a while to find an application that would open large text files. Pocket Word chokes on anything over a couple hundred k....Had to load iSilo to do it. Could have used TextMaker but it is huge and expensive. WTF? Why can Pocket Word not open large text files???!!!!

    PLUSES - Large screen is a dream. VGA rocks BUT is not completely implemented....see Palm is'nt the only company that does this crap.

    WiFi is fast, easy to use.

    BlueTooth works easy as well.

    The StowAway Mouse is mind blowing.

    The mouse, keyboard and this device is like a modular laptop, very nice.

    Two slots, can't beat it. 2 Gig for under $200 and the freedom that having two slots in different formats offer is very, very nice.

    Today screen rocks, plugins make it rock harder. Much better then 2day, Today ZLauncher Plugin or Wassup.

    More later, I am off to the chow tent.

    Only 120+ days left. WooHooo
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