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    hello...anyone have any info on the release date pls? thx
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble

    "Dream gadgets:
    Pascal: the gestalt gadgetDesign by:

    You won't leave home without Pascal. Pascal's a laptop condensed into a PDA. Pascal's an MP3 player. Pascal's a phone, a camera, a high-speed surfer, and a classy-looking gadget. Behold the ultimate in pocket productivity tools."

    looks interesting, but very bizarre as well. i like the innovative idea behind sliding panels which are used as phone displays and desktop screens, but it looks a little odd. maybe its one of those things that "grow on you" after a while
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    Quote Originally Posted by C|Net
    Behold the ultimate in pocket productivity tools.

    LOL, yeah that thing would almost fit in my pocket. I find the picture with the device open in the person's hand particularly humorous...

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    How can it not be a vaporware?

    If you want it now, you can get a Sony U71 + a GSM CF card. Basically the same size.

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