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    I am buying a Palm IIIxe soon, but I don't know what accessories I need to get to connect it to my mac with a serial port.
    PLEASE HELP!!!!! I need to place the order soon!
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    You've been posting a lot regarding the IIIxe. Have you been to the Palm site? Anything you need to know about the IIIxe or other Palm handhelds can be found there.

    Listed under the system requirements is the following:

    Any Apple Macintosh computer or compatible system with a PowerPC processor, System 7.5.3 or later, CD-ROM drive, and one available serial or USB port.
    If you read the fine print, you'll see something about needing a PalmConnect Serial Kit
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    So...thats it, all I need is the Palm Connect serial kit?
    Its a pitty Palms website, is broken, I can't shop from it.
    When you put something in the basket its gone in a few seconds.

    Thanx for your help. I really needed it.
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