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    I have been waiting for a new Treo. Now that I know it will be Windows, I may look at something else. Is there any Sprint phone with a keyboard, email, and activated GPS?
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    Check out the PPC6700. No built in GPS. To get built in GPS you will have to take a look at the HP h6500 (6700) but that unit is GSM.
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    Anybody know what other WM5 smartphones are out now or will be out soon?
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    The PPC-6700 and the i730 are currently the hottest ones out there.

    If you want a good phone that is now a lot cheaper, the PPC-6600 is a good deal.
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    Rumor has it that Sprint will be officially announcing their national EVDO network on 10/1. Whatever new EVDO phones are waiting in the wings, will make their appearance as part of this rollout. However, I don't really expect any WM5 phones beyond what we've already seen (i730 and 6700).

    Hey Hobbes, do you think they will finally announce a "new" 6600 with EVDO and WM5?
  6. #6 least not with WM5. But there are some very smart and clever people working hard on getting WM5 ROM for the CMDA Harrier (aka PPC-6600).

    Sprint strongly hinted at...though will not confirm...that they are going to release an EVDO update for the 6600. Hear say on this is all the way across the board if they will really happen or not. I am praying it will, because I am still so impressed with my 6600 that if I can activate EVDO on it, I am going to kept for another 6-8 months and see what is available next spring.

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