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    Here's what we're trying to do:

    on one PC, connect both the cradle for a Palm VII and a cradle for a Palm V at same time to hotsync these two different PDAs. The PC belongs to an executive assistant who assists two of our executive managers. She needs to maintain both their schedules which they carry around in their PALM pdas....any ideas?
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    You can easily sync both machines without any issues provided that you have two different user names for the two machines.

    Now if you don't have two serial ports available for the PC that's a separate problem only resolved by adding and additional port.

    I'd suggest loading the software for one machine that is the oldest and chose an appropriate user name then load the software for the newer machine and chose an appropriate different user name and then you are ready to go.

    Each time you press the hot sync button on one of the Palm's then it will ask you for a user name on the desktop and you just choose the correct one and you should be set.
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    thanks for the input...

    no, we only have one com port but am thinking of getting a usb cradle for one of the two palms if they're enable both cradles being connected at same time on this one computer.

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    turns out the pc in question had two serial ports, we put the palmV cradle on com2 and the palmVII on com1, did the install works...though you have to go into hotsync manager and change the com port in local tab so it goes to the right palm...oh well, it works and the user is happy. thanks for the input and ideas.

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