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    Anybody else own the T5?

    If you look at the net reviews... they all almost without exception trash the T5 mostly because they expected something better than a memory enhanced T3.

    For me though, although lack of WiFi is disappointing, and the lack of a power LED puzzling, the T5 makes a great brother/sister to the Treo 650, as they both use the same new power connectors/sync cable - real useful as I keep one at the office and one at home.

    I like the T5, it looks cool, nice and slim, good memory, nice screen (although not nearly as bright as the 650), and works with apps smoothly, and a little faster than the Treo. It's a nice tool, evolutionary rather than revolutionary, it just feels good.

    One downside is that PXAClocker won't clock the T5 at all, whereas my 650 can clock to 507 mhz (seriously...) without any real problems.
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    Why in the world would you want another PDA if you have a Treo 650?

    You know, they say a man with 2 watches never knows what time it really is.
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    I have a T5 and its been quite stable since the Verison 1.1 update. Its a nice buy and very solid if you dont need wifi and a slate PalmOS device. I have a 600 and want really badily a mix between the 650 and T5 as my next PDA (not happening I know). The 256MB RAM is my fav feature and the main reason why I hold on to it. Now, if I could find a way to put that RAM in a 650, use Drive Mode (I have card export for my 600) then I'd be happier with my T5.
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    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
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    Why a T5 and 650? The screen alone makes it worthwhile when you heavily depend on Palm apps (I use H-Finance extensively), use graffiti (OK I have Graffiti Anywhere for the 650 but its not the same) and the general usability FAR exceeds the 650 when working with Palm Software. The 650 is a compromise in usability ... it had to be.... however saying that....

    Actually, I also felt the same way, a GSM enabled T5 would be an *awesome* device, and not too large, put in wi-fi and you'd have a serious piece of kit.
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