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  2. #2 where's my Treo 700 with EV-DO so I don't have to use Win-blows?
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    Quote Originally Posted by adjmcloon where's my Treo 700 with EV-DO so I don't have to use Win-blows?
    It won't be long now . . . but it also will be running Windows Mobile 5.0!

    Cmon Hobbes! You gonna take the plunge or hold out for the Universal?
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    Yep...I think that this one finally does top the Treo. Having now used a WM 5.0 PPC phone for a while I can honestly say I no longer miss my Treo 650...and with EVDO it just gets better...
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    UMM... OOOkay.

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    oh c'mon gfunk. that pic is #1 a universal and #2 a little exaggerated. no one holds the phone at the absolute bottom. it's slightly larger than the 6600. jeez give us a break. let me see a pic of you holding your x50v to the side of your head!
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    They seem to be about the same size:

    PC-6700: 4.25" x 2.3" x 1.0"
    Treo: 4.44" x 2.33" x .88"
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    im getting the funds together as we speak
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    I've already ordered myself (I'm a major corporate account). The universal is a brick, I'll admit that. But the 6700 is almost the same as the treo, and in my opinion as well, completely knocks it out of the water.

    I have created a forum at my site for this phone, and will in the coming week hopefully have some early technical info up as well as some hacks.
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    battery life seems a little low. Any comments or experience with it?
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    On a side note, this phone runs WM 5.0, does this mean it's finally in the wild (The OS)? or is this just for Corp Customers?

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    If this had chatter, or at least something close to it I would get this in a heart beat. My experience with email on the pocket pc's has never been good.
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    from the description, IMAP abilities are included.
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    This looks good and WinMob has it's points but I'm waaay too invested in Palm OS apps. Plus, I've got the green light from the wife to pull the trigger on the Treo 650 successor since she's been eyeing my 650. Hopefully that comes out before the end of January '06 because I don't know if I can hold her off longer then that.
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    you know, something just seems wrong about this being the first device to run wm05... this is the last quarter of the year! I think microsoft needs to skip 06, and make the next 07 so it seems like we are ahead, not behind...
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    Can somebody show a 6700 vs 650 picture comparison? I think Treo is fatter.
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    There is no real-life comparison of the two side by side yet... but yes, the treo is supposed to be a little taller, and the same width. The 6700 is .2" thicker...

    There is however a picture of the Universal against a 650 at my forum:
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    the wizard seems like the device to get. i really love my 650 but the wizard might steal me away becasue of the design. i like the i mate versin more than the sprint version of the wizard

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    GFunk: What is that? Is that a garage door opener?
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    How much is this thing (with a new plan)?

    Figures, I get my 650 two weeks and I'm already one-upped.

    EDIT: Nevermind. But keyboard size aside, how is it any better than a Treo?
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