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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe
    Well, I suppose you could type with the keyboard on top and the letters all upside down in this mode.
    Like Jimi Hendrix
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    My psuedo "push" solution. Set up a rule in Outlook to forward e-mails to a SMS ( and I get the notification of the email. If I want to retrieve it I can by hitting Send/Receive. If not I let it go to the next scheduled Send/Receive. Works like a charm...the more I use the 6700 the more I find it has feature laden in the design of the interface and buttons. AND NO RESETS IN WEEKS OF USE...Bluetooth is 4 times the range my Treo 650 was also.
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    Heh, don't go and install a billion apps like me or that'll end!
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    The only app which has given me any issue Shadow is ActionInfo which will be my replacement for Handmark Express. I do have a question for you though. Which version of the many app extentions do we load on the 6700? I am half scared to load anything that is not specific to the phone for that reason. I love the wifi feature tons better then I thought I ever would.
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    This looks like a great phone but I do not think I would get one. I like the keyboard access of the Treo and the form. I will stop into Sprint to check it out though not having ever held one to fully comment on it.

    I am a hot keying ***** is there an equivalent with this unit where you can one touch open apps and numbers without sliding open the keyboard? On the Treo keyboard I have many 20 hot keys I use often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    Bluetooth is 4 times the range my Treo 650 was also.
    Are you using a bt headset with it? If so, which one?
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    I have the Sony 660 and also the Jabra 250 that I got with my T650 a year ago. Both pair perfectly and are clear and have a lot greater range then my Treo did.
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