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    I know this has probably been debated before. But I would like to know which one is better. I was sold on the Visor until I ran across a 20% off deal on the Palm IIIxe which brings its cost $50 below the Visor Deluxe! Now, given the circumstances, which one is better?

    Is the Visor really faster than the Palm?
    Springboard..You can buy a modem for the Palm also? I saw video game add-ons for the Palm as well as the Visor..what gives? Am I right? How about GPS for the Visor? Is that coming soon? Would it probably be available for the Palm IIIxe as well?

    Palm has updatable OS. This seems to be a really cool feature. I know the Palm isnt mac compatible, but I dont have a least yet anyways.

    One thing thats important to me is speed. I really want speed. Thats one reason why i'm even considering replacing my Sharp OZ-570.
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    The Visor is a little faster than the Palm, but if you really want speed go for the Platinum. In terms of transfer rates the Visor is much faster (native USB opposed to serial). There is an adapter if you decide to get a Mac later on, which by the way I highly recommend. Upgradeable OS doesn't seem to be a problem for the majority of people, however, the new SB's that are coming out might change this.

    It really comes down to whether you want SpringBoard capabilities or not. I'm not just talking about a MP3 player or modem, I would have bought the Visor just for the back-up module. It all depends on what your needs are. The Visor allows people to make a PDA into what they want. If you don't need any extra features then I would let the $50 price difference be the deciding factor.
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    its a tough call, but you can always take the waitstates out of the IIIxe OS using afterburner or nowaitz and itd be about as fast as a normal VDX, on benchmark 2.0 my 3c with the waitstates off benchmarks at 154 compared with VDx's 147, but if you dont feel like messing with things like that then go with VDx

    i really loved my VDx, it was a great little machine, really reliable, ive only played around with a 3xe for maybe 5 minutes at most, but with what you say your needs are, i think you should go with Visor Deluxe

    and OS upgradability isnt that great, once OS 4 comes out we'll probably all want a new palmIX or whatevers out by then anyways
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    Well thats my point exactly. When OS 4.0 comes out and lets say I had the IIIxe, will I need the newest Palm to use it or can I just upgrade my current OS? I'm sure if I had a visor, I'll pretty much have to buy the new Palm or new Visor unit.

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    Originally posted by clint
    Well thats my point exactly. When OS 4.0 comes out and lets say I had the IIIxe, will I need the newest Palm to use it or can I just upgrade my current OS? I'm sure if I had a visor, I'll pretty much have to buy the new Palm or new Visor unit.
    I wouldn't get all worked up over upgrades to the OS. If you buy a Palm III(whatever) you will NOT be able to upgrade to OS 4.0. The PDA's OS version is fixed. You can upgrade to 3.1 from 3.0, to 3.5 from 3.1, but you cannot upgrade to 4.x from 3.x. The only reason for a major OS upgrade is to take advantage of a new hardware configuration.

    The OS is essentially an interface between programs and peripherals and the computer itself. The only real way the Visor can be changed is by adding a Springboard. Springboards will always have whatever drivers, etc. are needed to use them.

    The real question you should consider is not only what are you going to use the PDA for today, but what are you going to be doing with it a year or two from now. If you lock yourself into a device that cannot be HARDWARE upgraded you will not be able to take advantage of new gizmos that come along.

    A perfect example is the Novatel modem. Both the Palm III and V can take advantage of the modem, but as a MAJOR add-on to the basic unit. The modem for the VPL and VPR is more integrated with the Visor itself.

    Of course the real bottom line is what you can afford. It might be worth investing a little more now hoping to reap the rewards later.


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    Yes I am looking into the future when I buy it. I've had my sharp since August 99. Its only lasted a little more than a year. I hoping that my new PDA will last much longer than one least 2.

    I didnt know that the Flash ROM was limited to 3.x upgrades. How true is that?? Are you sure about it? That alone will determine which I buy.
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    OS 4.0 is supposed to be on StrongARM rather than Dragonball, I think. That would be one of the main reasons you would not be able to upgrade any current devices to 4.0. I imagine they'll be increasing the screen real-estate somewhat too. One of the main reasons people choose PPC over Palm is the larger screen.

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    Palm has already said that their new units next year will not use the new Intel CPUs. They will have the SD expansion slots though. It is possible that the next OS will be 4.0, but Palm has not confirmed it as yet. All they have said is that the Vc (their next unit) will have enhanced multimedia functions as a part of the OS.

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    The next version of the OS is also supposed to integrate Adobe's Acrobat reader. I doubt Adobe would go through all the trouble of porting Acrobat to the Palm OS, and not offer a free downloadable version that runs on at least OS v3.3. Yeah, VDX users might get the shaft on this one too. BTW, before anyone goes ballistic with Adobe, this is just a guess on my part. I figure that Adobe is not going to want to mess with by-passing the OS for display purposes, and they may decide that 2-bit grayscale doesn't get the job done. I hope I'm wrong about this.

    Given Palm's recent fascination with multimedia, the next OS version is likely to make changes that better accomodate this. More main memory, support for the SD interface, built-in sound(?), and who knows what else. Note that most of the stuff that I've mentioned are things that SBMs address. So I think Visor users are going to be at least somewhat buffered from these changes. BTW, if new capabilities are tied to new hardware (e.g. a DSP for sound), all the flashable memory in the world isn't going to get your IIIxe to run the next upgrade (unless Palm releases a "lite" version of the upgrade). And, as others have already pointed out, when Palm makes the major move to Xscale (i.e. StrongARM) processors there will be no OS upgrade possible for the old dragonball-based Palms (including the Visors, TRGpro and Sony devices).
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    Where did you see that 20% off the Palm IIIxe offer?
    Im buying a Palm IIIxe soon, I am freaked out by the OS upgrade thing so Im going to play it safe and go with the Palm.
    Its a pitty the Platinum looks so good...
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    The 20% offer is on which refers you to msn passport. mpsuperstore has the Palm IIIc for $284 minus the 20% comes REALLY cheap! I just ordered it. I was going to get the IIIxe but the IIIc is the same but with color! Awesome deal! If you want the Visor, you can get the deluxe for $209 from which is still a good deal. Tough choice on giving up the springboards though. I gotta warn you that mpsuperstore has a poor web site and slow customer service. I placed my order Thursday and i still havent gotten my confirmation! If all fails with them, I'll get the Visor from I'll keep you all posted
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    I have made my passport, so what do I do know? What website?
    I need a website that will ship the Palm IIIxe to Europe. I hope I cant find one.
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    Mercata doesn't seem to sell the Palm IIIxe! Whats going on, says they do sell it!
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    I didnt see it on there either. I guess you can call them. Remember that some of these stores sell visors with 20% off as well.
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    Just got my Palm IIIc with the microsoft passport discount. The total cost including shipping came to $248.51!!!!!!! AWESOME DEAL as i was prepared to get the Visor Deluxe for $249. One thing i miss already is the enhanced datebook. Even my Sharp organizer has a proggie like that. Any tips as to free software that will make my datebook show TO DO LIST, SCHEDULING INFO, and etc all in one view?
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    The Palm IIIxe is listed in this weeks CompUSA for $199. That's after a $50 mail-in rebate. I wish Handspring would give us a rebate. Hey, Handspring! How about a $50 rebate on the VDX?

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    Originally posted by LanMan
    The Palm IIIxe is listed in this weeks CompUSA for $199. That's after a $50 mail-in rebate. I wish Handspring would give us a rebate. Why not a $50 of the VDX?
    I would imagine that prices will probably start to drop on Handspring's stuff when Palm releases the Vc in Feb. or Mar.

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    Get the IIIxe for as low as $149!
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    Amazon has the Platinum for $249 with free shipping. Use the coupon: AMZN-ELEC-TRNC.
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