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    If you're even CONSIDERING a Pocket PC, head up to the sites that have Windows CE software, and compare the offerings there to PalmGear. No matter what your interest, the choices on the Palm OS are almost always tenfold what you'll find for the Pocket PC.

    Certainly, there are exceptions, such as Windows Media Player and the MP3 stuff. But games, neat utilities, productivity programs, etc. tend to be MUCH more prolific on the Palm OS.
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    moved to 'PalmOS Compatibles' allthough 'PalmOS Compatibles vs. WinCE' should be a closer category.... but this is the closest....
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    i am glad the PPC devices are getting so cheap. competition is good. hopefully it will force lower prices on the devices we actually want
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    I would seriously recommend looking at the iPaq. I switched from a IIIc to the Pocket PC line and never looked back.

    I do know how you feel though about the DateBk4 thing. That's what almost held me back too. However, I've gotten used to the "Outlook" feel. However, there are developers that offer at DateBk4 type program on CE. Go to or

    Also, you'll find the iPaq to be just as fast as Palm OS devices. The only time I experience any lag at all is when opening Reader and that's only a second or two. Everything else is instant. You should seriously check one out.
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