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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    Sorry, Silver5, this is nothing post has nothing to do with the Treo, it's trolling plain and simple. So don't pretend this is a 'coverup' by getting moved to the 'other' forum.

    Still wish my image earlier hadn't been removed.. :-/
    Trolling? Really man? I've been a user here for a while and I have seen trolling. This certainly doesn't amount to that. The post apparently does have something to do with the Treo, since that is what I wrote about. What did your picture have to do with?

    I am really sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. That was not my intention. I just figured that a Treo user could post about his old Treo and a difference he noted due to one of its problems.

    I guess I should have mentioned how much I like the Treo a few extra times so it would be called a comparison instead of trolling.
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    These comparisons between Microsoft and the others are forced: the so-called monopoly works with many other companies that compete to produce improved devices, whereas Palm and Apple are mostly the only players in their relatively small worlds. That's why we get monthly improvements with each successive WinMobile device and annual improvements with each Palm device.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by torifile
    I've got to say it: Windows Mobile sucks. Absolutely sucks. It's slow, buggy and crashy. On my Palms, I never missed an alarm. When I had PPCs (I've had a few), I missed many. I'm sure you're all aware of the notifications bug. How you could possibly let a PDA out the door with this type of bug is beyond me.

    The registry on a handheld! What a joke! Windows is not suited to a handheld. Hell it sucks full sized and with a functional keyboard to fix it. Pint sized, it's terrible. I've owned for a few months at a time, what were considered top of the line handhelds for their time: Toshiba e740 ( what a fiasco that handheld was), iPaq 2215 (not a bad machine, but I lost all of my data 3 separate times and a full backup didn't ever fix it right), Axim x30h (it's like they hit this Dell with the ugly stick a few times; never had a fully working one in the 2 months I owned it), x50v (nice but still suffered from the slow, buggy OS).

    How was that?
    For me personally, I loved my Treo 600 for over 10 months...but have never regretted switching since the moment I turned on the 660x. With that said, you bet come the turn of the year or early spring, I will be looking to see if anything else out there can help me even more with my work, even if that happens to be the Treo 670 or 700. It is all about what can do the best job for what I like and want to do.

    I have had my 6601 and 6600 for over 10 months now....and I am still amazed at what it can do....and how efficient it really is (i.e...true multitasking can do wonders in saving time on a busy day on the road!). I agree, as I work closely side by side those who have the Treo 650 and it works great for some, while others have switched to the 6600 and are happy and some wished they could. For many, depending on their needs, work demands, personal preferences, etc... The 6600 stands out as a better choice, the 650 stands out as the better choice, or either would do just fine....a lot of that is based on pros and cons with the different OS.

    One of the big differences between the two lines of OS is memory management, which many of my co-workers instantly loved on my PPC-6600, was the fact that I can install virtually ANY software on my SD card and leave my internal memory for large files for faster loading. On the Palm there are programs that absolutely require to be loaded in internal memory taking up valuable real estate that most users would love to install on their SD card, if given the option.

    As far as stability, I have found both the Treo and 6600 to be about equal with having to reset. Both are nearly perfectly stable out the box. Most of the time resets are for the same reason, 3rd party conflicts with other 3rd party software. No winner either way on this one.

    I honestly have found having a registry to be a huge benefit on the phone. There is nothing like being able to jump in and edit the registry to do just about anything you want. Take a look at this thread at just some of the really cool things you can do with it:

    Registry Edits Hints and Finds for the PPC-660x/SX66/XV6600 on Treo Central

    Registry Edits Hints and Finds on PDAphoneHome

    On my 6600, I find the claims of the OS being sluggish, buggy, and etc... to be extremely exaggerated at the same level if I made the same claim for the Treo. The only sluggish response I have ever received on my 6600 is the same reason I saw sluggish results on my Treo.....the result of a poorly written 3rd party app or utility.
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    Once the Slingbox client for PPC is out the Treo will REALLY be behind the 8 ball! At least for me it will be.

    Being able to control your TV services from a smartphone is a pretty hard feature to beat!

    And will Sling Media that is a MS partner really rush to make a Palm client?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    If you had as much trouble with the Notification Bug as you claim, you're a fooll.

    There were fixes created to clear the database records upon resetting. Even vendors themselves released patches for this.
    You're missing the point. Even one missed alarm is too much if it's from a known bug. I don't care if there's a workaround for it.
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    If you are waiting for a completely bugless phone, how long did you wait to get your Treo 650?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    If you are waiting for a completely bugless phone, how long did you wait to get your Treo 650?
    Nice backtrack!
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    Backtrack? The treo had loads of bugs when it came out.....sound issues, not able to make calls while roaming, memory issues, etc.....

    The PPC-6600 had issues when it first came out. "The Beep of Death", Quirk when sometimes you couldn't make two calls to quickly in a row, etc...

    But both have issued fixes that has addressed nearly all the bugs with each phone.

    It appeared you were looking for the bugless phone, and was just wondering how long you waited for it?
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    I'm still waiting for that perfect about ya'll. Unless the Treo 650 is perfect.
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    ^ Well they keep making it, then I want more and it's not "perfect" any more .
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