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    Here you go

    Different processor though. But of course I am not taking these specs to be the word of god, just showing what there has been speculated
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    just needs an internal antenna...
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    treo 650 killer #2. and if it comes out next month without a treo 700 with evdo/wifi in sight, doom doom doom!
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    I think the Moto Q will be a dog, if it ever ships (anyone remember the much ballyhood and later 'killed' MpX?)...

    This device, however, will ship - both GSM and CDMA versions. And it is the first PPC that has made me think about dumping the Treo. Add BT or USB DUN/Tethering to this and it is a done (DUN) deal.
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    ohhhhh there will be BT/USB tethering... one way or another
    plus BT 1.2...evdo..wifi...would have been REALLY nice if it was 640x480 but of course... HTC wants us to buy their NEXT product come next year.. i'm really looking forward to hearing the battery life drainage on WM5 devices... it's suppose to be improved GREATLY from the current wm2003se crop since all data/programs is stored in the ROM so you can drain the battery to 0% and not lose information.
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    HTC is movin' purdy fast!! Will this be the first phone with Magneto?? I thought the Universal was supposed to be the first.

    I'll actually say that with that operating system, I'd consider it the first real competition for the Treo. I don't consider Samsung's i730 any threat at all.
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    Wow HTP design a good looking phone on their own, what's the odd of it?

    bluetooth 1.2

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