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    Qtek 9100

    Scroll down the page to see pics
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    Nice. The jury is still out on whether that's a 3.5 jack...
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    Nope...that processor should not be bad at all. On the iPAQ 6315 the processor was even slower than that and though the device had other problems the processor really was not one of them. Something to consider as well is battery life, which will likely improve greatly with the use of that processor. The 6315 was even battery with battery life than the Treo 650!

    Also, there was an interesting post on explaining how the OMAP processors is a link (look for post #9)

    I copied and pasted it as well here:

    posted by Dave Evans

    I guess, in all fairness we need to wait and see. The 6300 was a big flop for a lot of people. It may not have beed all the processors fault. ( I need convincing)

    The one important factor to remember about the OMAP processor is that it is actually dual processors. If you compare it to an Intel running at 400mhz. It is sharing that 400mhz between the PDA, and the phone. With an OMAP it is using one processor running at 195mhz to run the phone, and another running at 195mhz to run the PDA. So to compare them mhz to mhz really isn't a fair comaprison....personally I still need to be sold on the OMAP though. I will say that HTC have usually put out good converged devices. They have always had a good handle on what worked and what didn't, so given their past success I'm hoping for good things here.

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    my bad ill tell you one thing that thing sure looks sexy ...however i would llike to see a picture of the backlit keyboard.....hehe aint i evil

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