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    Hey guys, I wanted to ask, so after I take photos, I upload them, and then delete them from the 6600. But then each subsequent photo has a higher number, so like 1, then 2, then 3. How do I fully delete the photos so that next time I take a photo or video, it'll restart at 1 again?
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    Officially...I don't have a clue! Maybe it keeps the count in the registry. Never really noticed it before. I will take a look just out of curiosity
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    Hobbes, my favorite fellow PPC-6600 owner. Anyways, I hope you find something, it's driving me crazy, I guess I just am curious too. I sent my first video tonight, and now the new one (after deleting the first) is numbered 2. I just want to know for sure these pics and videos aren't taking up space either.

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