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    Monday, July 4, 2005 (SF Chronicle)
    A cell phone that does it all/New models to combine music player, Web
    access, higher-res camera, PDA
    Ryan Kim, Chronicle Staff Writer
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    It only makes sense. why have a IPOD and a camera when you can have it all in one.
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    I agree that a person doesn't need three different gadgets on one belt. You'd look like Batman. Then again with all the modifications and add-ons to these up and coming smartphones I just hope that the quality of the actual phone doesn't suck! I think we're coming to an age where we're starting to expect to many things in one product. Then we complain about the size, price and OS. Stick to what works. I'm sure they'll come a time when everything we need will be in gadget or chip...and it'll go in our head!
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    well...i got an ipod, psp, and a treo650.

    ipod 20gb. i got this thing almost filled up...but i'm a music head and producer. so unless a smartphone can be as light as an ipod, hold as much space...and do almost the same....a big sized mp3 player will still be required.

    psp. psp can play music, movies (better quality and easier than a treo650), games, and with all the new hacks...this thing is greatness. can EASILY play gb, gba, nes, snes, neogeo, mame, and even home made games. and i played nes and gb games on the treo...not the same. this one is great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by g.711
    It only makes sense. why have a IPOD and a camera when you can have it all in one.
    Cause when I work out at the gym, I'd rather damage just my iPod than a device that also held ALL my contacts, schedule and more.

    Using my treo 650 for business:

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