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    I don't use Clie or Mac so I wasn't paying much attention to this Mac Driver(called CLINGO) but as I remember, it was free at first for beta testing. Since the beta period has ended, now you have to purchase it.

    It is sold via two Japanese online stores but neither one is in English. If enough people write to Clie User Club, they might think about selling it via PalmGear or somewhere. (Clie User Club)

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    Try this link for online translation from Japanese to English (it translates other languages, even Chinese (set it to Japanese ))

    (I keep telling people, I feel like a pimp!)

    here is a link to your site (translated to English)
    {this is all one line}
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    I haven't purchased yet, so I can't attest to it's functionality, but I found a product called Clie MacPack for Mark/Space Softworks. It's $30 and requires a USB port...

    Could be the fix we're looking for. Will let you know how it works.
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    I bought the Clie Mac Pack from Mark/Space

    and I have successfully synched my Clie with with G3!
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