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    Quote Originally Posted by The Truth
    Im not saying engadget is like the final say in tech talk.. but they are pretty damn reliable. Read this article about Windows Mobile 5.0 and push...

    Engadget Article

    It'd be hard to "kill" the blackberry without blackberry-like push support

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    A new RAZR-like Motorola smartphone was leaked today. It looks really impressive, but it appears to run Windows Mobile on it. However, if this doesn't light an innovation fire under P1's ****, I don't know what will.
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    You are on this site entirely too much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilghost
    Holy f'n crap!. I just pissed on my Treo and then hit it with a big f'n hammer. I can't wait, my Treo 650 is "teh sux now!!!!oneone1"

    Whos with me???!oneone1
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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterFuhrman
    You are on this site entirely too much.
    gotta make up for all that lost time
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    Break out the Valtrex The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Threads merged. Again.
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    Wow.....Treo-Killer volume 312587.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilghost
    Wow.....Treo-Killer volume 312587.
    Is it only up to that?
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    One thing Moto has going for it is buzz, and that can't be underestimated. Look at Apple. They can make a crummy screenless mp3 player and people are all over it like Treo fans on a PPC supporter.
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    Exactly. If Motorola can actually get this one out there (RIP MPx) and if it is stable platform, they will hype it and push it until it's the bees knees. That is what Motorola is good at.
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    I think the Samsung 730 is a legit Treo killer. 7 months after the release of Treo 650, and countless vaperware dead bodies, there is finally a "Treo killa".

    It's now Palm's turn to one up the competition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna
    The biggest gripe I have about this phone will be the keyboard. From what I understand it is about the same width as a Treo but I hate flush keys. I like a reactive keypad that I can fumble with in the dark if I need to.
    Totally with you there. I was interested in the Razr until I got a chance to hold one and (try to) feel the keypad. I wouldn't see it as a selling point that they would translate that design to this device. They lose additional points for Windoze.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Just a clarification. It will be using WM5 for SMARTPHONES. Thus, it will NOT be a PPC Phone edition device. Furthermore, since it will be using WM 5 smartphone, it probably won't be having a touch screen afaikafaikafaik...
    Wow... so the news does get worse (not for Palm). But I do agree that with enhancements in smart phones and other PDA devices, maybe Palm will get off their porta-potty's and bring us a stable multi-tasking OS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mulcher
    Guess Motorola has more R&D bucks.
    bah... they probably based this on the same reference design as the HPaq model people have been trying to gush about elsewhere. Sure, they customized the keyboard a little... but no one plays in this space that doesn't drink the kool-aid MSFT puts out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mulcher
    However, when you think about it, 90% of us only use the touch screen where the 5 way interface isn't properly designed. (like try and work through your todo's while driving with the calendar and set recallback times. It is near impossible with the 5 way.
    Maybe so, but I routinely tap the screen with my thumb in one-handed use. And for all but the smallest screen elements it works just fine. Fact is that if 5-way interfaces were the way of the future, your computer wouldn't have a mouse and you'd be using arrow keys all day long. For applications, a 5-way is a nice convenience but isn't a replacement for other interfaces.

    Quote Originally Posted by mulcher
    As with many of these devices, alot of them phsycially suck when you get your actual hands on one. Either terrible tactile feel on keyboard or whatever. My point is, Motorola's Razr is the undisputed traditional phone "cool champ" right now and if these engineers are working on a smart phone, it is worth watching.
    Funny... because as I read the first sentence my thought was "Yeah, like the RAZR". King of cool it may be, but king of usability it is not (IMHO).

    Quote Originally Posted by mulcher
    Just look at your Treo. It's wonderful, but there is so much weight and thckness too it that state of the art electronics should be able to chop it at least in half with no loss of functionality or usability. I don't see a smart phone dimensionally (length/width) getting much smaller than a treo and still being as functional due to the fact that human hands and eyes aren't getting any smaller until the day where handheld real time speaker independent full vocabulary speach recognition is a reality
    This one confused me. We want to chop the Treo in half. But we don't want to because it hurts functionality? Hmm. Actually I totally agree with the latter point... I find the Treo almost too small to hold in two hands for faster thumbing on the keyboard. A lot of people snubbed RIM for keeping the Blackberry's wide, but they forgot that it makes them easier to hold and type on.... you know, the reason we have keyboards?

    I think I'll wait to see a good speach recognition system before I worry about judging a device on whether it would be cool if we just had the voice recognition to go with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7
    I think the Samsung 730 is a legit Treo killer. 7 months after the release of Treo 650, and countless vaperware dead bodies, there is finally a "Treo killa".

    It's now Palm's turn to one up the competition.
    Ahh...of course...but here's some breakng news, the Samsung i750 is coming soon!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    If they can produce that thing at the specs outlined (unlike some previous offerings from Moto and Samsung) at a reasonable price ($600 and below) they might have a winner on their hands.
    If If if... i have a friend who still waiting for the MPX

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    That thing is HUGE!!! No way that is going in my pants pocket - maybe my suit jacket breast pocket, but that's it.
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