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    I was unhappy with the hardware. I felt I would just skip this model and wait for the better one perhaps next year.

    It was good that someone was also looking to swap his 9500 with a Treo 650.

    I was an original Nokia 9210 user when I came to TreoCentral, and switched to Treo 270 for its smaller form factor and GPRS. I transferred to the Treo 600, and recently with the Treo 650.

    There were pains switching over.

    * the Outlook Memos were gone on the Nokia 9500 (no synch of Nokia Notes)
    * not much free Games (only Bounce)
    * the document readers that I have are not yet available or working (eReader to read Palm docs not working, and iSilo is for UIQ only)
    * not much applications bundled by Nokia

    However, the landscape mode is more comfortable for me when reading docs and spreadsheets. Powerpoint is better viewed with the Treo than the Nokia. If the next Treo can do both portrait and landscape, that would be best.

    One common folder for Email (wireless), Email (synch), SMS and MMS.

    Calendar is better on the Treo than on the Nokia.

    Contacts is better on the Nokia than on the Treo.

    Audio quality is better (both for speakerphone and MP3s) than on my Treo.

    Camera features better on the Treo than on the Nokia.

    Web display looks better on landscape mode on the Nokia.

    There is WiFi on the Nokia.

    32 MB RAM, 80 MB drive on the phone, and a bundled 128 MB MMC card.

    I hope to use a PalmOne Treo soon with the better features.
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    Oooo, yesss... Nice deal! I'll be interested in reading your reports on this device. I've been spoiled the last few months with the email functionality and fast proxy-based browser on the extraordinarily stable 7100t, so I'll especially be interested in stability, and how fast and reliable pop3 mail (pushing or pulling) and the Opera browser are. Who is your service provider? Enjoy this new power tool.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    Need a lot of guts to go from a 650 to the 9500: although they are the same type of devices they are very different. I considered the Nokia myself for a while, but after reading several negative reports, even by Nokia fans, I changed my mind.
    Among the issues that made me think twice:
    - no T9 on the external keypad
    - slow processor
    - bad use of the wide screen in certain apps
    - no vibrating alert
    - huge!

    I look forward to reading your personal experience though. Good luck.
    Palm Vx (a classic) -> Palm m505 (*yawn*) -> Dell Axim (slooow...!) -> Palm TE (great) -> Qtek 9090 (great idea, lousy platform) -> Nokia 6630 (a toy) -> iMate SP3i (not bad) -> Nokia 9300 (can't sync notes!!) -> Treo 650 (awesome!) -> iPaq hw6915 (almost perfect) -> Nokia E51 (un/impressive) -> HTC Touch Enhanced (nice!) -> Samsung i780 (mousepad woes) -> HTC s740 (very good) -> Nokia E72 (RAM starved) -> HTC HD mini (...) -> Palm Pre 2
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    While the Treo allows basically MIDI ring tones, the Nokia 9500 can play more formats except WMA. Hence, I was able to play many of my ringtones from my Motorola MPx200 on the Nokia. I kept some of the select MIDI tones from the Treo.

    Ringtones are loud. Loud like the Motorola MPx200. I upgraded this old unit to Windows Mobile 2003 through networking with MPx200 users. My Treo 650 GSM volume was soft and bad in comparison. I thought I can get over it until the next firmware but I just couldn't wait.


    When I drive and the Nokia 9500 is open like the laptop, when I answer calls it is automatically in speakerphone. And the speakerphone is loud and the quality is so good. I wished the Treo 650 GSM had outperformed it. Not.

    Contacts, Phonebook

    On the open mode, I can chooose which database to use, the Contacts or the SIM card's from one place. The two are just different folders.

    One the close mode, it is a regular phone and uses the current open database - either the SIM or Contacts.


    Most colleagues who had the initial impression that the phone was slow, were pleasantly surprised to see my unit was fast. Like the Treo this unit now uses flash memory if I am not mistaken.

    Email and VPN

    I can access readily my POP3 email. However, my corporate Exchange email was accessible only through local sync. It has no IMAP Proxy support I think and the VPN uses Nokia VPN protocols which is not used in our office.

    I resorted to using Opera to access our email via the browser. And how easy it is to read email with folders in landscape mode.

    Opera browser

    I appreciated the feature of shrinking and enlarging the display and text when web pages are downloaded. I am not sure that this is supported in the Treo 650 with Blazer.

    Office applications

    I had a hard time viewing Excel in the Treo format of a square screen. The Nokia 9500 made it a lot easier. However, the Treo PPT slide presentation was better than the Nokia 9500 because it has a shorter height compared to the Treo. With the 128MB MMC, I can bring along my key daily working files.

    Other applications

    Not much. I missed iSilo very much. eReader for Series 80 is supposed to be able to read Palm DOC files but it doesn't. Mobipocket is the version that is really working. TomeRaider is the other document reader available. My life basically revolves around documents, reading, researching, and referencing. So...

    Not much games yet. I missed Solitaire on the Treo. ZAP. Tetris. Atum. I only have Bounce. Yaiks!


    It can readily discover WiFi networks.


    I am not much into this. I have used the camera but its very much like the Treo's. I haven't tried the video yet.


    I encountered just one bug so far. After installing several untested applications, some did not work. Apparently some files were left in the system not thoroughly removed because some of them became corrupt. This caused me to reformat the unit (after first backing up the device) and then restoring from backup from the MMC card. All done in half an hour - from backup to restore.

    Form Factor

    I have never been deterred by the size although it is now smaller and thinner than the 9210. The screen, keyboard, speakerphone and Office applications were key factors for me.

    Future Device

    If it were possible to reduce the length of the 9500 by 1/3 but keep its width, and increase its width a little more, and increase the size of the phone-side screen but enhance the phone functionality, and keep the internal screen and keyboard adjusted to this new dimension, and if this happens to the Treo, I would readily jump back to PalmOne.
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    Funny I have a friend who is getting a 9500, and well he sells his phones quickly so I was going to buy it off of him. Finding this is a great thing for me, and I am ever so thankful! I look forward to more posts about the comparison from you
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    I had the 9500 from Dec last year, and although I agree with its advantages over the Treo in Contacts management and speakerphone voice quality, I gave up on it once I got the Treo for several reasons. One, I found the web browser excruciatingly ssloooww compared to Blazer, probably due to the limited processor. Two, lack of apps e.g. ebook reading as mentioned, and other productivity apps.. Three, overall feel and useability. I find my Treo so easy to use and the fact it gives me quick easy access to all my info I need to get at, that my 9500 was left gathering dust. One handed operation on my Treo is SOOO practical, I can't imagine doing without it now.

    Oh and the C-cover on the 9500 will crack by itself given enough time and I had a bugger of a time getting a replacement for it. This is a major design malfunction on the 9500 when I found out I wasn't the only one who had that happen.. Hope you have better luck with it, though.
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    Thaks for the report. Is there a loud and very realistic classic phone ringer option? Thanks. I like your Future Device description; I'd also like a 9300 with wi-fi solution.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    I am glad that you found my notes useful. I did not mean to disparage the Treo. It's just that at this point, my needs have changed plus the limitations of the current build contributed to my dissatisfaction.

    Windows Mobile has already experimented with clam-shell type of smartphone, just like what Nokia did with the 9xxx series. I wished PalmOne look into this form factor. If the current size of the Treo remains, we can do away with the thumboard, lengthen the screen, and open it like a clam-shell, rotate the screen like a tablet on the side, with a QWERTY keyboard hidden on the other half. It should still be smaller than the latest MDA and the 9500 but better than the 9300.

    This way, we address the phone function and PDA function to each one's best advantage for heavy data users. At least, in my opinion.
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    Rodolfo, there are only a handful ringers. Since the Nokia accepts several formats, you can grab one from the Net including ones available for the Treo. Or create your own through voice recording just like the Treo.
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    It might interest you to know that I have seen my Commie reboot at least once while it was just sitting there on the table.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ManofTrueGod
    Rodolfo, there are only a handful ringers. Since the Nokia accepts several formats, you can grab one from the Net including ones available for the Treo. Or create your own through voice recording just like the Treo.
    Thank you. Sorry to hear of even one reboot, although at least it wasn't during a call.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.

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