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    I was wondering, sometimes on the screen I see an icon that has the letter W on it. I can't seem to find out what it means in the manual, can anyone tell me?
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    You must have last year's "Reelect W" edition! Seriously, I haven't seen that on mine. Can you describe this further?
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    It's on the right side, underneath where the battery meter is. it's just a capital "W" I really have no clue what it is, I read through the manual and never did find it. I mean I can use the phone fine and so forth, but it draws upon my curiosity!
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    I am thinking it probably has to do with who you called last. On my phone, right now, it shows an "H" below the battery meter -- because the last person I called I called them at their home. I suspect that you called someone who was at their "home" directory...
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    YES! Mine DOES do that, too! Problem solved, huh?

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