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    Just had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who works for Midcom (a contractree with Palm Inc. to supply memory boards) and apparently they're having quality control problems with the boards. The boards are not up to the specifications that Palm would like but Palm wants them anyway, due to difficulty meeting demand. He couldn't say what the problem(s) was/were, but he did tell me if I got a Palm to test some intensive apps on them within the 30 day money back guarantee phase. Good advice for any new product in my opinion. They should be fine for the most part, just double check.
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    did your 'friend' (you can admit it was you all along ) tell if they suply Handspring too?
    And if so, does HS take the bad boards too?
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    I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply, but I couldn't find my post where I posted it. Didn't think to post it in with the Palm OS compatibles. To answer the question the less than perfect boards are Flash OS only and as such do not affect Handspring. By the time Handspring puts Flash OS into their devices the supply shortage will have passed.

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    Anyone want to bet whether or not Hoser's VIIx is one of the defective units? Better put it through its paces, Hoser !!
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