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    After talking with a Radio Shack manager (who I have come trust to be in the know about wireless more than most) this last weekend, he shared with me an interesting fact from his national manager's meeting down in Dallas,TX. Apparently Sprint is planning on going toe to toe, not only with other Wireless companies with their EVDO network, but also Comcast Cable.

    They are planning on releasing a EVDO wireless router. Think of it as putting a PCMCIA EVDO card in your home wireless router. Then you could move the router around anywhere in the house to get the best wireless network location for your home wirless network.

    I travel alot and the possibilities just jump out! Imagine giving a training session and you could bring you own wireless cable speed network with you and not pay the outragous prices for the hotel's accesss. Or simply bringing it on a trip so I don't care if I have highspeed in my room or not, because I can bring my own EVDO router with me.

    No ETA, and I haven't seen on these yet, or it's specs....but the possibilities that this can offer someone like me is very interesting and worth a further look......if it even becomes a reality.
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    Except for the latency issues (typical EV-DO pings run in the 200-700 ms range in my experience) this would be an awesome service to provide. Should really only egatively impact online gaming.
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    This is an interesting proposition. Will Sprint's EVDO network have the bandwith to support the customer base of a cable internet provider such as Comcast? If it does, I'm sure it will give Comcast some competition.
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