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    Well maybe not all that strange...

    But here goes...

    I have a Delorme Earthmate USB GPS device that I use with my laptop. Until recently, I also had a HP 2215 Pocket PC. I had purchased a cable from or (I forget what place but both sell kind of the same products) that allowed me to hook my Delorme Earthmate USB to the bottom port of my HP 2215. With the cable in place, I was then able to use my GPS software. Well, I sold the HP 2215 and now own an Audiovox XV6600 Pocket PC. I know that the device has Bluetooth and that I can just buy a Bluetooth GPS reciever...but I was hoping to stick with the equipment I have and just spend a few bucks on a cable that would allow me to hook my Delorme Earthmate USB to my current Pocket PC (Audiovox XV6600). Well, finding such a cable is a near impossibility at this time. I guess the Audiovox is just too new. Anyway... Here's the QUESTION(s)...

    1. What other names, if any, does the Audiovox XV6600 go by? The reason I ask is because I have seen a few cables on different internet sites that are advertised with pictures of devices that LOOK IDENTICAL to the Audioxox XV6600. Isn't there an "XDA" or something like that, that is the same as the Audiovox XV6600? I THINK that I have seen other models of Pocket PC out there that are essentially the SAME as my XV6600 but just have a different name. Not sure though.

    2. Does anyone know if the BOTTOM CONNECTOR on the Audiovox XV6600 is similar to any other devices out there? I figured since they don't currently make a cable that is specifically for my Pocket PC...maybe I could find another cable that goes to another Pocket PC but that would also fit mine.

    3. Lastly, does anyone know of a place that I haven't mentioned that would sell a cable that would accomplish what I am looking to do?
    I appreciate any and all help!

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    1) Who carries the phone and what models are there?

    -- Sprint PPC-6601 CDMA no WIFI no camera
    -- Sprint PPC-6600 CDMA no WIFI with camera
    -- Verizon XV6600woc CDMA no WIFI no camera
    -- Verizon XV6600 CDMA no WIFI
    -- Cingular SX66 GSM WIFI with Camera

    -- T-Mobile XDA-III (Europe) GSM WIFI with Camera
    -- Unlocked GSM i-mate PDA2K (most seem to use T-Mobile) WiFi with Camera
    -- Unlocked CDMA i-mate PDA2K with Camera no WiFi

    2) As far as I know it is unique.

    3) Go to They have really good forums and if anyone is going to know it will be one the GPS gurus that hang out there. Also there is Google.

    I hope this helps.
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    1. Imate PDA2k, Audiovox XV6600 (also branded under Sprint as the PPC 6601/6600), HTC XDA III/ MDA III, Siemens SX66 (a few others I have forgotten)

    2. the cable / pins are different from the HP line, even though the two cables fit, the pins on the HP can short circuit the device, so do not use them. Only use approved and compatible HTC/Imate like cables.

    3. there is a canadian based company that sells a lot of the gsm version of the phone. I'm not sure if your cable needs a usb port, but try this

    there is a canadian company (website ends in .ca) that sells lots of products for the pda2k/mdaIII/ppc660x line. if i can find it i'll post it
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    Thanks for the information so far guys!

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