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    So do I need to buy Pocket DVD

    TWICE? Once for my encoding to my PPC and once for my Palm? Or will it produce files playable on both of them? Currently I have the Palm Version of Pocket DVD Studio. Does it matter?
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    Well if you haven't already purchased it, I'd suggest dumping it and going with PocketDIVXEncoder, it's free and simple to use, work's great, before iriverter I used to use it for my PMP device (It also supports palm and pocket pc). If you have already purchased it, try converting a small clip and try to play it on your computer. I think all that converter does is take the VOB movie file containing the most content and rip it into an AVI file with X frames per second, YxZ resolution, V audio bitrate and N video bitrate. In other words all it does it take the movie off the DVD and convert it into a file with properties capable of playing on a PPC (or other) device based on size, quality, and resolution.

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