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    The only legitimate complaint I have ever heard against PPC's is that their one-handed navigation suffers in comparison to the Treo's. Having had my Sprint PPC-6600 for almost a month, I can confirm this, although as I have posted earlier, it isn't much of a problem to me after getting used to it. Basically, you have to touch the screen to get to the exact button or link you are seeking rather than Dpad to it. Now, I have found that the "tab" key on the keyboard will usually get you there as well. So, has anyone come up with a tweak or a hack that would have the D-pad RIGHT button transform into a "tab" command IF you were within a web page or other page that would benefit by this? In otherwords, a "state-dependent" change for the D-pad commands? Does that sound right? Do perhaps some of the alternative web browsers do this? (And as an aside, is there a PPC equivalent for KeyCaps?)

    I would assume some of this will be solved with Windows Mobile 2005, but who knows when we will get that?
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    its funny because a colleague of mine and i were discussing this very topic the other day: if the new minimo browser would have press and hold the center button on a link - pop up menu asking if u want to open the link in a tabbed window; he and i wondered if the ppc version would be able to tab browser with the tab buttons or something else.

    i have to remind a lot of ppl of the other buttons found on the ppc for those ppl that complain a lot about touching the screen: down below on the right hand are the arrow keys; within a pie window you can press up or down and then run through the links with these buttons. it extinguishes the need in most cases to touch the screen.

    i rarely touch my screen and my start button/outlook button/ie button/and ok button do not work! the only time i find myself touching the screen is to select a program or select from the start menu wear and tear warranty will be used...some day! sorry to go off topic but i did want to remind you those arrow button do help in a LOT of cases, but i am not aware of any program that acts in the manner you describe. (but it doesnt mean it doesnt exist)
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    Hey, I actually found the program to make Pocket Internet Explorer act even better than the Treo implementation. PiePlus from ReenSoft lets you use the D-pad and does a lot more stuff I haven't figured out as yet. I'll let you know how it works over the 14 day trial....
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    Excellent find! I'm off to give PiePlus a go as well
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    Well, it looks quite useful, although I'd like more control over what the D-Pad does. Eg. I'd like the option to have only Left/Right tab through the links in a page, with Up/Down solely scrolling the page.

    I have noticed a problem though, it seems to be preventing me loading 'https' pages. I had installed both PIEPlus and SPB GPRS Monitor.

    The SPB app seemed far more likely to be the culprit, but having uninstalled it and done a soft reset the problem was still there. Once I uninstalled PIEPlus and did another soft reset the problem went away. Today I've reinstalled PIEPlus and the problem came straight back again.

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