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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenundrum
    that is why i was surprised, i'm aware that the rom does not get wiped in a hard reset as all it does is clear the ram and restore from the ROM. however everywhere says that the device has 4000mb of rom... which you'd expect to persist even through a hard reset like any other device. so if when you hard reset, the hard drive gets wiped- no matter how you cut it, that's just plain stupid.
    the last time i had a hard reset was when i let my ipaq battery run down for a few weeks and the ram lost power. previous to that, similar situation on my treo 600... i've never had a sporadic <bam> hard reset... thanks to NVFS and the upcoming PPC persistant storage methodologies, that should be a thing of the past :-)
    A hard reset is the PDA equivelant of reformatting the hard drive. Its for when you put some unstable junk on your machine and really screwed the pooch.

    It just the same as when you have to reformat because you have royally screwed your desktop OS. Thus a hard reset without reformattting the drive makes no sense. Whatever caused the need for the hard reset will still be there to screw you.

    The more a PDA becomes a desktop replacement the more it will suffer from Desktop headaches.
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    no no no... let me explain how my ipaq works a little better... there is 64 Mb of ram, which is shared between storage space and running programs. there is also 160 mb of ROM, of which i have access to about 85 MB as a storage card. the files stored in RAM and those stored in the ROM memory card are mutually exclusive. even if i installed a program into the built in storage and it pooched me... when i hard reset, the files will still be there, but the settings in RAM will not. i install almost all my programs that way because if i unplug my battery or for any reason i have a hard reset, my PIM data is automatically restored from the built in storage and i can access the programs installed there, i just have to manually navigate to them with the file manager instead of them being in the start menu.
    it would be logical for palm to incorporate the lifedrive's hard disk as a storage card. that way it is unharmed by a hard reset. obviously they did not and this is why there is a flaw there.
    they designed a tool made to store everything you have in your pocket, but if you create a situation with unrecoverable errors, it will all be gone.

    when you hard reset a tungsten T5, does it wipe everything on the internal file storage? i hope not. if it does, then that's just really stupid.
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    I would think that a hard reset would treat the hard drive more like external storage than internal memory. Reloading 4GB of lost information due to a hard reset is a pretty stiff penalty to the user. Makes the purchase of a 4GB SD card essential for back up purposes (once they become available) - except if I had a 4GB SD card, why would I want a 4 GB hard drive that reformats itself if I have to hard reset the device?
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    Interesting. I assumed the preferences were trashed because they were being "held open" by Express when I was doing the soft reset - but I would welcome any help in understanding what is happening. Thanks, Kevin.
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    THey had two LifeDrives at the New England Palm User Group meeting last night and I got a chance to mess around with it... I guess seeing is beleiving...

    This is an amazing device. I got to use it and geek out on it for a few mins and I was sold. Yes it's a little slower then your Treos or Tungstens but don't look at a short comming. Look at the beautiful screen, voice rec button, landscape button, standard headphone jack, WIFI!, the Palm Bluetooth (i would have loved to see 1.2 but I blame PalmSource for this). What we have here is the next set in PDA history. Yes it's not the first handheld with a hard drive (Go Zuraus!), it's not the first palm with WIFI (See tungsten C), bluetooth is nothing new, the OS is 3 years old (5.x), but this is a turning point for palm. This time they are ahead of the curve. People say that you can add a 4gig microdrive to a PPC, but that PPC won't have shock protection (acceleration measurement like a IBM or Apple lappy have).

    I still won't give up my Treo and it's 1gb card for it, but I would recomend it to anyone looking for a palm that has more then the ever popular TE/E2 or Zire lineup.

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    I love my 650 & 1gb sd card/ptunes/& tons of other software.

    If i was to possibly consider something like the lifedrive I'd go with the Archos PMA
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredgpk
    Yes it's not the first handheld with a hard drive (Go Zuraus!), it's not the first palm with WIFI (See tungsten C), bluetooth is nothing new, the OS is 3 years old (5.x), but this is a turning point for palm.
    Ironic - Palm has finally created a device that's as bloated, slow and, and expensive as the PPC those same Palm owners say is too slow, bloated, and expensive. Welcome to the big leagues Palm! The playing field is leveling.
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