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    The review of the new ipaq is at

    This looks like the first real competition for the 650
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    Quote Originally Posted by hlazar
    This looks like the first real competition for the 650
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    I'm a PPC fan myself (I've had innumerable WinCE derived gadgets), but they really ruined this with the 240x240 display. Games and other apps will have problems with that resolution (although the OS itself scales to variable modes fairly well). The beauty of the Treo 650 is that it runs basically all the existing 320x320 games and apps seamlessly - and that's a lot of software to choose from.

    In an effort to blatantly rip off the palmOne hardware and duplicate the same basic form factor by chopping the screen down, HP seems to have blown off a goodly portion of their collective feet in so doing. Newbies won't realize the software incompatibilities at first, but people who know better will probably steer clear of this.

    Too bad, because other than that, it looks like a pretty solid device. Had there been a 480x480 screen with the ability to have stretched or 'letterboxed' backward compatibility, I might have considered it.
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    looks interesting -- I think it has built in WIFI in one of its iterations --- and the there's a version with GPS that accepts a wifi SD card I think.

    here's photos comparing it to the 650
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