Any thoughts?
My t600 is battered and buzzing and i think it needs to be retired soon. i cant really afford a treo 650 and to be honest after having had 3 270s and 2 600s i'd be worried about buying an all in one again. Im thinking that a t5 and a bluetooth phone would give me the same functionality in terms of email/internet etc... and while it means carrying 2 boxes during the day, when im off to the pub i can leave the palm at home.

Questions though:
1. T5 isn't universally loved - is it likely to be replaced (dont think i can afford a lifedrive)
2. is the T5 the only palm os solution that allows bluetooth and wifi (i know i have to buy a card). Both are important - bluetooth to connect to the mobile, wifi as in Madeira the airport and most hotels/shopping centres and large parts of the town have free wifi.
4. Is there anything i cant do with the pair that i can with the treo?