Trojan aimed at smartphones

Mobile device security firm F-Secure has discovered a Trojan virus that crashes usersí smartphones and causes them to lose their data.

The Fontal.A Trojan is aimed at Nokia Series 60 phones that run on the Symbian operating system. The Trojan is spread through file sharing, with a corrupted font file being installed on the device.

The .sis file is usually given the "Kill Saddam" tag and this file causes the mobile device to fail at the next re-boot. The only way for a user to get going again is to re-format the device to the original factory settings, meaning that they lose their personal data held on the phone.

F-Secure hasnít so far reported any infections of Fontal.A in the wild. F-Secure has warned users to only install files from trusted sources.

This is the fourth threat to Series 60 phones F-Secure has reported in recent months.