Saw this on another thread. havent tried it yet. Has anyone got this to work.

Latest build:

Configuration settings explained:
Oh, in case you didn't know, "1"=on or yes, "0"=off or no.

cameraApp="Camera.exe" Name of the camera app hpcamapp.exe for ipaq
cameraWindow="Camera" Name of window, leave this alone
watchedFolder="\My Documents\My Pictures" Folder where camera puts pics
watchedFiles="IMAGE*.jpg" Naming scheme of pictures Use the wild card because camera will auto-generate numbers at end of filename.
server="" The name of the Server location, do not use the protocol prefix, ie: ftp:// cannot be there.
user="MyUserName" Username for FTP account
password="MyPassword" FTP account password
destinationPath="/webcam" Path on FTP server to upload file to
newRemoteFile="webcamimage.jpg" Name of webcam file specified by webpage
timerInterval="10000" Timer interval, in milliseconds. If you can't convert minutes into milliseconds, do it here;
virtualKey="0D" This triggers a "keyboard event" that will virutally "push" the shutter button on your device to take the picture. You shouldn't have to change this either.
releaseStill="0" Set to 1 only if your device does not automatically release the still image preview. On the ipaq, this is set to 0 because the ipaq will only preview the image for a few seconds. When set to 1, this will trigger another keyboard event to close the preview page out after the image is uploaded. If this is set to 1 on the ipaq, it will continually take pictures over and over again.
showProgressBar="1" This will turn the progress bar on so that you can verify that the picture is being uploaded to the server.
deleteFiles="1" This will delete the picture from the device after a successful upload.
renameRemote="1" This will upload a temporary file and once the upload is complete, it will rename the temp file to the name of the webcam file. (This eliminates the person viewing the webcam to see partially loaded images).


Remember, this download will expire after 14 days. On Handango, it's only 20 bucks, but Peter, the developer is offering 1/2 off if you email him a survey here;

Let's support this guy, if you like it, buy it. He added all of this stuff since the first version at the beginning of this post because I asked him to. So, hat's off to Peter in Germany!

Don't forget to share with us your successful implementations of this! If you have any questions, I'll try to answer what I can!