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    Being new the PPC and coming from the Palm I needed help. Well the main page for help on the PPC is HoFo but some of the poster over there are more caught up in their Avatar and Signature tag lines than anything else. So I wanted to provide some info that may be of use to you NewBee PPCers

    I would like to caveat this post with the reality that I may learn something else after this post that may change the configuration/viewpoint/etc and I still have to partner my hbh-660. If I do not post on the hbh-660 assume it went well, so far everything has been smooth with everything else. In light of my caveat, here it goes in an attempt to be helpful and provide one configuration for a business focused application...

    Ring Tones
    First, you should convert any sound you want to a WAV format This is a good converter and give it the name of ALARM1.WAV. Copy it over the same file in ROM. It will temporarily replace the ROM version with your new version. Select that sound as the alarm and you'll be set to go.
    If you ever want to go back to the other alarm sound, just delete the file. The ROM version will re-assert itself. Or in other words In File Explorer, use the stylus to tap and hold on the file in the \Rings Folder. You will see an option to "Set as Ringtone" or something similar. If the file was in another folder, it would be copied to the \Rings folder at this point as well. Then go to the Phone app and you should see it in the dropdown list.

    NOTE: WAV files should be around 11/KB format files in PCM format. Mono is fine to save space. There are dozens of programs to convert sound files. The one I recommend is DBPowerAMP. It's free.

    The Audiovox vx6600 with camera version that Verizon is now selling (and not one picked-up necessarily from some other sources, if you get it off of ebay I can't say what rev you will be at, see notes later) appears to me to have improvements over the early versions released and, after a day of heavy testing and loading, appears to be a downright good phone and obviously a very powerful PDA. The phone features are beyond being a compromise, the volume is good and my ringer can be heard across the floor 3 offices away. Speakerphone volume in my opinion is also excellent.

    The complaints (ringer volume, headset volume, volume heard by person on other end of the phone) appear to be resolved except I will of course continue to test. I also don't hear that annoying high-pitched buzz on the phone I heard on an early version in the verizon store. All of these complaints I did in fact note on an early version of the phone I tested at the Verizon store. However, the phone I have does not have any of these issues as far as I can see, people talking to me on the phone said I sound quite good and I hear them quite sell.

    First you need to download RESCO File Viewer this app is much link Explorer in Windows and is my most important program.

    It may in fact be both a good phone and good PDA with the awesome wireless data speeds of EVDO, the illusive goal of the fully converged. I think these units, as some have pointed-out, are more processor speed-limited than bandwidth limited when it comes to rapid browsing but the xv6600 can be quite an exciting performer nonetheless with the right software (browser, etc) which I suggest with my particular preferences later in this post.

    The camera in the unit is nothing to brag about if you are into digital photography but if you just want something easy to click fast convenient simple pictures it's nice. I'm still experimenting with night pictures, I seem to be getting more graininess and white spec's than I'd expect but need to test further. I didn't buy the unit for its camera, the camera is a bonus I'll probably use it though.

    Here is the ROM readout for the xv6600 with camera shipped as of this moment by verizion-- I do not see a with camera (as opposed to woc without camera) ROM upgrade option on the Audiovox site and have not seen a need for a ROM upgrade yet. Again I have yet to partner the HBH-660 over bluetooth, that is the morning so we'll see. If I don't post on it assume it worked fine.

    ROM version: 1.35.00 WWE
    ROM date 12/10/04
    Radio version HA01_140
    Protocol version AA3.3.301
    PRL version 50266
    ExtROM version 1.35.113 WWE
    Hardware version 0041

    As we know the trick with all of these is phones is to choose the right software and this forum was my guide for that as I searched the work everyone else did here to choose the right applications and then install and test them. Key tips and applications for business users from my perspective are as follows, again thanks to all the people on this forum who provided the information that helped me build this configuration. I provide links below to stuff you might need (extra chargers etc) but note to support this forum you might also visit the store to see if you they have what you want, see for the pdaphonehome store:

    Get the latest version of Activesync from Microsoft

    Netfront as a browser not IE, go to NetFront settings and configure as default browser. You should download and install the Pocket PC 2003 edition. My copy installs and runs perfectly on some very complex websites including this one where I can post no problem. Great product and superior to IE in features, performance, and raw capability to process complex web pages. It is a world of difference in using the data features with this browser.

    there are some misconceptions on pocket outlook, it does support auth and seperate smtp and pop, there is some limitation maybe on like domains but i have not hit that in my config. try it first before webis due to webis growing file bug, i had updated my poszt on that in the big writep i did.
    And in case you need the setup for Yahoo:
    On email setup page 4/4 click on options
    on page 2/3 ccheck "Outgoing e-mail server requires authentication"
    On deletion, first note I do not synch mail with the desktop, I get way too much mail to do that.

    WisMail for mail
    Note some folks have reported a growing file storage problem with WebIS, I have the latest version 2.1 and will continue to test. I did not use built-in microsoft email because of years of being disappointed with that in previous windows ce incarnations; however, it might otherwise meet your needs. I will watch the WebIS files in My Device/Program Files/Mail/Data and delete any files that grow uncontrollably despite clearing-out my box. Again, this could be fixed in latest release will update. UPDATE: tRY USING BUILTIN POCKET OUTLOOK FIRST BEFORE webis due to storage bug, it may meet your needs.

    PhoneAlarm for many useful phone utilities. Note PhoneAlarm is in beta and as a result it still has many bugs but shows quite a bit of promise. Also the developer is very responsive and will likely get these bugs fixed soon, check this site for latest information on user experiences. Note to everyone, I would hold-off on PhoneAlarm until the bugs are worked-out which could be anyday. Honestly I don't find the default indicators that bad at all, the bubble doesn't bother me. Once/if PhoneAlarm is stable, then I'd install it.

    Microsoft Voice command because it is a scary incredibly product-- exceptional voice recognition with no training.

    Calcnow freeware rpn calculator

    Free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader
    UPDATE: 03/25/05-- Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Voice Command do not work together. If you install Microsoft Voice Command, Adobe Acrobat 2.0 will stop working. In my opinion Voice Command is such a powerful and useful application, it is first priority for me and I will keep it on the system and thus must remove Adobe Acrobat. See later in this thread where Adobe alternatives are mentioned.

    Piel leather case

    Get good quality fused power-protected combo pack of chargers for the car and home that have LED indicators etc (outside of office) such as from, he also sells on ebay.

    I have an HBH-660 coming soon for a bluetooth wireless headphone, based on the poll here it should work pretty well. These sell on ebay pretty reasonably, I bought one from dans_cellular_accessories and he included a free car charger at an excellent price.

    Handyswitcher to manage applications and memory. DinarSoft, the developer of this software, has a number of other applications I am also exploring and will test. They have an excellent reputation and are very responsive. HandySwitcher is a great highly stable and simple application that works very well.

    SocketIO SDIO WiFi card gives you wifi on the unit (insert card requires soft reset for recognition). Go to their website and get latest Socket WLAN Tools, helpful utility. has them at a discount, company web page is

    2200 longer life lithium ion battery

    If you intend to locally backup your unit to the SD card (say you are somewhere and the phone resets badly for some reason and you want to recovery) then you can buy a standard SD card. Many people just backup to the desktop but the SD card gives you more security. Also lets you store lots of pictures/etc on the card. You can also store music on them if you like. Again, any standard SD card, such as a 512 MB SD card works fine. If you intend to use the wifi card then of course don't load applications on the SD card, just use it for backup and data.


    Configure keyboard lock so that only power button turns the unit on after being turned off: Settings/System/Button Lock- Lock all buttons except Power button. When you are not using the PDA, just hit the power button on the right top corner of the phone to turn it on/off (it's not a long press, long presses are for turning on/off backlight-- just give it one tap with your finger for on/off)

    Settings/personal/Buttons-- personalize your buttons, NetFront for browser, wismail for email, others you want.

    Settings/Connections/Beam-- disable receive incoming beam, turning off infrared

    Ring volume, volumes, speakerphone. Try oldringer on the phone right now it may be loud enough for you. Of course you need to crank up the volume on the phone to whatever you want, see the volume key on the left side of the unit when it is facing you. Push that up to increase volumes in general (when not on call, ringer and PDA, when on call your speaker.) Also to turn on the speaker phone while on a call, press and HOLD down the green lighted phone key. For information on changing ringers, including an even louder version of old phone which you may or may not need, then checkout the following thread. Note when you install voice command, it also uses a computer voice to announce your incoming calls and it mixes in there with the ringer. I like it but you can also disable that feature of voice command if you like.

    Notes on battery usage. The default battery in the unit really isn't bad for many people's uses (that's my guess) but the 2200 battery is awesome if you want to eliminate battery power from your consciousness for most of us pretty heavy uses, thiat is my guess based on my usage and experience. I don't even have to charge every evening if I don't want to. Yesterday with light voice and heavy data usage, it wasn't charged on the 2200 battery since the AM and now next day, I have two bars which, for a unit that has so many power hungry functions, is awesome. Here are some tips for battery conservation:

    1) Always disconnect the data connection when you are done. Do that by hitting the red phone button (red light behind it) You will note the little indicator at the top middle of the screen goes from this two way icon back to the antannae signal strength icon.

    2) The power button is on the upper right corner of the unit. Turn off the PDA (it doesn't turn off the phone) and also effectively lock the buttons (see my previous config tip in the original post) when you don't need it. This is essential anyway to avoid buttons getting hit etc. I do this as second nature, it's no problem. You just touch it and the screen goes blank. If you HOLD the power button then that turns off the backlight. Most of the time I don't do that, I want it on when I'm using the unit and off when not using the PDA.

    3) While I found I can keep bluetooth on for long periods, it's good to turn it off when you aren't using it. Turn it off by click on the lower right corner of the screen, a pop-up shows you the option to turn bluetooth on or off.

    Relative to the 2200 battery, here are my tips and I have had zero problems thus far with it, none. It fits the phone perfectly, works well, etc. If I have problems I will report it but I predict I won't.

    I see some folks report issues with their 2200 batteries but I have had none. In some cases it's pretty clear that the clear manufacturers instructions provided in the box weren't followed. I also noticed some folks are charging, right away, in the cradle . I didn't do this because I wanted to eliminate all variables and get a good charge-- some of you may not plug an AC adapter into the cradle but instead rely on USB power, that would be bad. Also cradles share power. You want to give it a GOOD charge when you first get it, 12 hours uninterrupted as the manufacturer asks for. Below is the procedure again I followed which has resulted in an excellent performing battery:

    Here's what I did when I received it.

    (1) put the connector adapter thing on the end of the power cable that goes into the cradel and plug it DIRECLY in so the xv6600 will have power when you remove the battery. That is, do not charge with the cradle. Charge by connecting power directly to the phone using the provided connector adaptor plugged into your AC adaptor. I happen to have an extra OEM power adapter that I use but it doesn't matter (for that product see my Good Experiences... post, search under my ID)

    (2) remove the existing battery. This will still cause the unit to soft reset which is somewhat of a mystery to me but anyway it does.

    (3) Keeping the power connected, insert the new battery.

    At that point everything seemed normal to me. The battery started charging. I have, just now, checked the battery and noted it is fully charged (solid green light) after 9 hours but I'm sure it was fully charged much sooner but I didn't look.

    I have tested the battery for several days of varying hard and light usage and it is performing very well per my other posts.

    Thanks too Ericgr at PDAPHONEHOME who created most of this.
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