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    Smartphones that don't have WiFi can usually be expanded using (for example) combo memory WiFi SDIO cards.

    The problem is (and what puts many people off) is the way the card always sticks out of the machine quite a bit and is liable to snap off if kept in there - say in your pocket...

    Has anyone considered the following...

    If one could wire up a 'dumb' SD card via a thin, flat ribbon cable to an SD socket or thin clip with contacts, then the card in it's clip/socket could be mounted on the back of the phone or potentially inside the battery cover (with a little modification - a 'bulge' in the back of the case so it fits, and perhaps a hole would be needed to expose the wi-fi antenna).

    Naturally this would make the handset/PDA a little 'fatter', but it'd sure beat having to swap cards in and out, every time you want to use a hotspot (for Skype for example)..

    It strikes me that an enterprising OEM could make something like this very cheaply (and sell for a healthy mark-up!), much like the dual sim-card backs that are available for many popular Nokias.. I imagine individuals would probably have to undertake any case mods themselves, depending on their handset (individual PDA/PDA phone models don't sell in enough volume for it to be worth making separate, custom backs for each one on the market, IMO)

    Any ideas?
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    sounds good. But I think soon enough there'll be wifi SD cards that don't change size. It's almost there

    and the fact that there should be a law that mandates that all future smartphones come with wifi built in.

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