As I am typing this post on my Treo whilst riding a bus, (and now metro) I am thinking about how well the Treo works for mobile blogging and email compared to some other smart phones. I am borrowing a Nokia 7710 which runs Symbian OS7. It has a higher resolution camera and a big, bright screen, but for most other purposes the Treo is MUCH faster! Snapper Mail downloads emails in a few seconds, where as the 7710 took forever to get emails, and when you get just headers it takes a while to open them.

Having a built in thumb board is proving more handy than ever. The 7710 for example uses handwriting recognition (pretty good actually) and an on screen tapping keyboard. But I can still type faster using the Treo's keyboard.

The new Contacts app on the Treo reads Sim card entries as well as Palm OS/Outlook contacts. The 7710 has a nice Contact program, but it doesn't seem to be able to use the sim contacts, so you must hotsync or use OTA (over the air) contacts.

Browser-wise, the 7710 has a cool one. Though the text is very tiny. It's not quite as easy to use one-handed as the Treo's Blazer.

Lastly, I feel Palm OS is still number one with availability of applications, shareware, purchased and those found via *dubious* means...

So even with the odd quirks and occasional resets, the Treo is still better than a lot of devices out there.

As for the 7710? It will be returned to my friend's store (it is the display model). It's cool, but not very practical as a phone or pda.
Thought you all would like to know.