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    Quote Originally Posted by midmofan
    I guess I was too hard on this thing as it apparantly has features they don't specify on the web page. Like a vibrate mode?

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    I wonder if that cuts down on the screen glare too?
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    The last word (perhaps?)

    Check out the "inventors" missive and you understand it all. This guy needs to be a guest on Art Bell. I think he really believes he has come up with something totally revolutionary that will be sold in the billions (yes Billions). He thinks this thing will be the cure for poverty, hunger and disease all over the world

    He has been working on this concept for over 25 years and is clearly blind to reality both of the marketplace and of the world. Looks like he got a few "investors" (or, more likely, people who, for a big percentage, are tying to line up investors) who are trying to sell this thing mainly to investors and developers.

    A big touch screen PDA that is simple to use and does not need a stylus? OK, not a bad idea, but its not a world breaker, especially not at a $1000. He looks like a mostly self taught dreamer that has managed, after a lifetime of work, to come up with a device that, if it works at all, wouldnt be anything any better really than hundreds of other devices out there. As he himself notes, he took a 1977 device the Army had bought, and managed to make it 10 times cheaper. The problem is, is that, at this point, it should be a 100 times cheaper and much more capable.

    I think he probably has come up with a touch screen that can handle two presses at the same time, but in 2005, so what? That might be a useful thing here and there but its not going to cure hunger.

    Methinks some sharp operators got ahold of this starry-eyed inventor and have sold him a bill of goods.
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    Gotta be an April fools joke ...
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    mission accomplished, bye then, wack-ito
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    Apparantly not a joke, although very funny. The guy who runs this site:

    Says he used to work for the company that is trying to make these things and he has an early version of the thing in his odd-pocket-computer collection. Why do I believe him? Well he says the following:

    Based on his experiance, he does not think the thing is ever really going to be produced.

    Notes that there is no software for the thing and that the OS would need to be competitive with PALM and Windows, not what it has on it now.

    That, although it was an idea ahead of its time when it started out, it now lacks the features that a real PDA should have.

    Notes that french sites are still calling it vaporware as of early 2005.

    And, most importantly, although he would like one for his oddball collection, he wouldnt buy one at that price. Even though he is French too!

    So he sounds credible and believes that a device like this actually exists but will never be produced for real customers.
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    kind of like this country that does exist but actually doesnt:
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