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    I have a question for those more knowledgable with the Treo amd Palm OS than I (anyone who has used one). I am considering the Verizon PPC phone (XV6600). I need it to be a phone (obviously), but also I need to use remote software to remote in to my servers and my mobile laptop users from time to time (on PPC, I use Terminal Services and Gotomypc Pocket Version). With the PPC, I can (very easliy) pull up their desktop screens, and resolve issues (and do virtually anything I can do physically being there). Does the Treo (Palm OS) offer solutions for this type of application?
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    There are two programs which may do what you want: Win-Hand, which just went from free to a paid version; and PalmVNC.

    Win-Hand works great for me. But since it is becoming a paid version, I am checking out PalmVNC. I'm not sure I can figure it out, though.
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    So, it sounds like it's not built in like on the PPC...?? This would tend to make me think I should stick with the PCC vs. Palm OS (since Terminal Services works great).
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    There is another program called Mobile TS that also works.

    I had the same problem no matter what solution I tried... my treo would crash when it would run out of memory. That and the fact that you cant multitask. (God help you if you get a text message or call. Had that happen once and the screen took a dump and had to reset)

    You're better of with the PPC, at least for that type of usage. Also, just a personal preference, but the physical screen on the Treo was too small, it made using the stylus on a remote desktop to difficult to be accurate. But others may not have that problem.
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    Thanks for the help.
    The more I read, the more it seems Network Admins that need quick, easy remote access to their Windows networks use PCC over Palm OS.

    Too bad PPC's are like talking into a shoe.
    Guess I'll order a shoe tommorow.
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    Would you like your shoe phone in brown or black leather?

    (Sorry. Couldn't resist the bad humor.)
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    If you have issue with the form factor, but you are a male, your fears may be unwarranted. I'm 5'10'' and have average hands for my height, and the PPC seems fine to use against the ear. In adddition, my palm covers most of the phone, making in fairly inconspicuous to others while in use. Of course, when pulling it out, expect some wandering eyes.... not necessarily a bad thing. And when it comes to chicks, I tell them its big for a phone, but small for a laptop, which in my case it does replace.

    But your best bet for heavy phone use is the Plantronics M3000 BT headset. Great performer, great price (about 50.00 shipped from, and if you have 1000's of contacts, try Contact Breeze as your dialer. I swear, I'm faster that I was with my Treo 650, 600 or 300.

    Shoe maybe. But Nike aint got nothin on this badboy!

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