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    Anyone else having any issues accessing the internet with VZW today?

    I get the usual #777 dial up and then a message telling me my username or password is incorrect. That's interesting as I haven't changed anything and it was fine last night. SR doesn't help.

    Could this be, maybe, wait for it . . . . EVDO at long last is coming to the Great Plains???

    Naw!!! Probably just my handset is hosed or local service is down.

    Maybe PHX EVDO burned it up??!!

    Any ideas??


    Bob Duckworth
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    Bob, I think that verizon found out your phone was connecting at 1.4 mbps, and figured "hey, we can't let this guy hog our bandwidth." nah, it's probably going through some system maintenance/upgrade.

    I wish EVDO would come to Sacramento and San Francisco. When it does, I may give it a whirl, but I can't justify the expensive $49/month data plan till I enjoy the blazing speed.
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    Yeah, the account info must have gotten corrupted. I built a separate connection pack and it works fine.

    I agree. The $45/month data costs would not be worth it to me either except that I typically am traveling to an EVDO-enabled location. Here at home its just 1X.


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