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    Thanks to a hint from Socket support, I am starting to get to the bottom of my WiFi issues on my Sprint PPC6600. It appears that neither the Socket or Sandisk drivers play well with MS Voice Command on my device. Did a hard reset, installed Socket drivers, and voile - card recognized and seeking network. Then reinstalled Voice Command and WiFi card no longer recognized. Tried installing Voice Command to storage instead of default directory without any improvement. Am using the latest versions of both.

    Interesting aside - when I did x-backup restore, voice command could not be restored and I am now having active-syn issues to boot -my device is not recognized as connected.

    Anyone else experience this and have a workaround? I really like Voice Command for dialing - perhaps the Sprint Voice Command service would be comparable, but it looks like I'd have to set up contacts on their servers and have to enter two keystrokes to activate anyway.
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    hmm this is very interesting because i believe i was using voice command while i had the wifi drivers installed already.

    at least you know your wifi card is not defective.

    i, however, haven't had any of the problems you mentioned.
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    I've had VC 1.5 conflict with ringer volumes, and system volumes, but not with the operation of WiFi. Since I get frustrated and lose my patience easily I decided to dump VC 1.5 and choose Sprint VC Service instead.

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