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    Here is a CNET article that states "The Clie will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow (August 30th) from the Sony Web site for $399. It will be available nationwide in September. "

    And here is a ZDNet article that has a better description of the product.

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    Just search for Clie from the front page. Looks like Sony Vaio Direct is just about ready to take orders for monochrome version for $399(the page doesn't have "add to the cart" button yet). Also if you register with the site, they'll extend warrenty to 1 year(I thought Visor had 1 year warrenty...?) and e-mail you info & stuff. Very Sony.

    I love my Visor & don't think buy Clie(if only MiniJam really ships....). The way Sony always pushes their proprietary format(memory stick, betamax, etc) rubs me wrong way.
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