The M2000 is basically the Orange branded PDA2K. This is actually a follow up to my own previous post, here:

however, I've started a new thread just in case there are any other M2000 owners seeing the same problem.

Basically, I was having a problem with reconfigured hardware buttons reverting to the default settings. I eventually realised that it was only the camera button doing this.

Yesterday I discovered another oddity. I was trying to tidy up the 'Programs' folder, so that I only had one screen of my most used icons. Having filed away all the useless Orange applications in a sub-folder I discovered that the Camera and Orange Plus (SIM Tools) icons kept re-appearing after a soft reset.

With the second problem I finally guessed what was causing it, and I guess it's unique to Orange. There were two shortcuts in the Start Up folder, one called Camera_Detect and one called STK (ie. SIM Tool Kit). I have removed both of these from Start Up and it seems to have solved it. Camera button holds it's setting, and the icons stay where I put them!

I have no idea why Orange would want to do this with the camera, but then again I sometimes wonder whether Orange themselves have any idea why they do things