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    Thought everyone would be interested in the latest review of Sony's new handheld computer:

    IMHO, at a retail price of $399.99, I would expect it to have more of an impact on Palm, and less of an impact on Handspring. C|Net mentions that it comes with an 8 MB memory stick in the box, but one can still buy a HS Visor Deluxe AND 8 MB Flash Springboard Module ($80) and still come in less than the Sony at $330!

    Can't wait to see what Handspring has in store for us in the fall (as far as new units and new springboards)! And let me tell, y'all are gonna love the Geodiscovery Geode! ;-)
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    I think the additional storage capacity the memory stick provides (up to 256MB) is nice if you lets say wanted to use it as an MP3 player or possibly see some nice 24bit photos -- but ummm... uhh .. i don't see this coming to a Clie anytime soon... DOH!

    So I guess with my huge array of memory sticks I could load up programs on each one and then have a "office" memory stick, a "home" memory stick, maybe a "on the road" memory stick.. etc.. throw my favorite apps on each one and go with it .. oh yeah. .forgot -- the memory stick only holds data -- no programs allowed... DOH!

    Guess I am stuck to putting a few data files on these memory sticks (maybe throw that NOAH dictionary on it..) and some 4bit, 160x160 grayscale photos -- lets see, 620 photos per 8MB stick.. great.

    To top this off, they decided to not support Macintosh (and I think the Mac crowd would have really liked this "stylish" design -- design over substance/bang for the buck ya know..) and not have a serial cradle option available (website claims its coming soon..)

    I like the jog dial idea (I LOVE my mouse's scroll wheel) but overall I think Sony did a Microsoft this time around -- force their propietary formats (memory stick in this case) into a handheld unit and claim it is the best thing since sliced bread instead of figuring out technology that would really add value to the product (maybe a springboard/compact flash type slot with a memory stick adapter..)

    just my take on it...

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    I don't know about the Sony CLIE. It sounds very expensive, and it doesn't look like they really know what their doing with the usefullness. A fifteen day LI -ion battery sounds awfuly small, and the fact that the Memory stick seems less useful than the 8MB SB makes me cringe (SP?). The only good thing going for it is its small size. Smaller than the Vx, now that's tiny!
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    So the CLIE has a jog dial, memory stick capability and the Sony imprimpatur. Oh, and it arguably looks cool. Imagine my shock when reading down the article and discovering that the $399 price tag was for the monochrome unit! Sheesh. Once again, Jeff and Donna can sleep sound for lack of serious contenders.
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    Here is a CNET article that states "The Clie will be available for pre-order starting today (August 30th) from the Sony Web site for $399. It will be available nationwide in September. "

    And here is a ZDNet article that has a better description of the product.
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    Does anyone have ths sony link to it. They have the worst site on the web. I could find nothing. I think this is a good thing it just means more programs for everyone.
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    James, They are pronouncing Clie like "Cli-eh"(eh sound is very short) in Japan. I personally think this name is pretty bad. Sounds too feminine....

    Sony website(Sony Vaio Direct) is just about ready to take orders for monochrome Clie online. To pull up Clie info, just type clie in search window at the Sony page.
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    It appears that the official page for the Clie is at:

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    Originally posted by Cerulean
    So I guess with my huge array of memory sticks I could load up programs on each one and then have a "office" memory stick, a "home" memory stick, maybe a "on the road" memory stick.. etc.. throw my favorite apps on each one and go with it .. oh yeah. .forgot -- the memory stick only holds data -- no programs allowed... DOH!
    check out the flash site on the link above...

    under 'software' you'll see that programs can be placed on a memory stick. and the gMedia sounds pretty innovative. Face it, if there was an app out there that allowed you to convert .avi or MPEG1 files to view on your visor, you would have tried it by now.

    I love my visor. I don't see the need to bash the clie. it's pretty cool if you get past the 'visor fanaticism' that seems to be hitting a few people. $399 is a high price, but i think you get some pretty cool stuff...$150 worth? not sure, we'll see.

    - improved address book (image capability)
    - included 8MB (total of 16MB RAM)
    - some pretty cool apps (gMedia, picture software)
    - jog dial (which is demonstrated on the flash site..and impressive)

    those are a few things that impressed me. Let's get over the bashing and view this as some new neat stuff? and it's pretty small eh?!
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    This unit is aimed squarely at the PalmVx, in terms for price, form, and function. The Clie form factor is supposedly thinner than the Vx! The price is the same as the Vx, and Sony gives you more onboard options than the Vx. Handspring doesn’t have to worry, but I think I see a bead of sweat on Palm’s hands.
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    Hoser --- According to the C|Net review they have the following:
    However, you can't run programs directly off the Memory Stick with the CLIE as you can with the Visor Deluxe and the TRGpro.
    So I would assume that you have to copy between the internal memory and memory stick when you want to use an application? Yuck..

    I still think the price is too high .. granted, it can compete with the Vx, but if I was paying that much, I would highly consider paying a little more and getting a unit with a color screen, compact flash support, etc..etc..

    Sure, the jog dial is a nice idea, but I dunno, I just can't get into 4bit grayscale photos.. and given what appears to be currently no easy way to pop those photos right into the Sony (via an attachable eyecam..) it seems like using the photos in the address book would prove to be rather involved (take picture with digicam, download to PC, convert to grayscale, transfer to the Clie, attach photo to address book entry, repeat a few hundred times..)

    As far as converting avi or mpeg1 to my visor, yeah, i might have tried it by now, but most likely it wouldn't still be on my visor .. its a gimmick app more than anything (again, if they coupled the high end memory sticks with a color display & good sound, it might be interesting as a portable presentation unit for business..)

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    I understand where you're coming from Cerulean, i don't think the clie is the ULTIMATE solution or ANY solution for that matter.

    But I do consider it an interesting application of new technology. And in the true sense of 'geekdom' or whatever you want to call it, it's cool to see stuff like this come out.

    I'm just getting tired of 'fanaticism' and people automatically (or even after reading a few articles) saying things 'suck' or '<place the product you own here> RULES!'

    Hey, this is another PalmOS device that will help ensure that you have more apps for your Visor/IIIxe/Vx/etc. in the future. If stuff like this wasn't coming out, i'd be concerned.

    As has been stated here a ZILLION times. Every PDA (even the PocketPC stuff) has it's good points and EVERY PDA has it's bad points. It's a matter of personal preference.

    I like my women blonde, my beer dark, and the humidity below 80%. Right now i've got 2 of those 3 things....if only this humidity would come down!

    Others will inevitably disagree...we can and have gone on forever trying to rattle off all the shortcomings of OS, products, you name it.

    Let's get excited about new things. Not try and justify the money we've spent on what we own.

    Sorry for being preachy. "It's just one of those days..."
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    Looks reasonable. For the same price as the Vx you get 8M more memory... only fly in the ointment... and this is a BIG problem... there's no modem available.

    They don't even mention one "coming soon".

    That's a deal killer for us.
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    Being critical of the CLIE does not equal defensiveness. I've expressed a lot of skepticism about the product from the day it was announced. Keep in mind that when Sony first said it was coming out with a Palm-compatible PDA, it claimed that the unit would be color, offer wireless internet access and cost under $200. I thought the claim was ridiculous, even though I fully believed that Sony's engineers were sincere about being able to deliver a product like that.

    When the wireless internet access was dropped, I wasn't surprised. When Sony announced a $550 price tag in Japan, I thought it was absurd until someone reassured me that consumer electronics were always more expensive in Japan. Now that we know that the monochrome unit is $399, I think it's appropriate to ask what it offers that's practical that Palms and Visors don't.

    I don't scroll enough for the jog dial to be of much benefit. I doubt the the vast majority of Palm OS users will need the bulk storage of the Memory Stick (most of the Palm/Visor users I know don't use much else besides the built-in apps; VC members aren't representative of Joe Sixpack). The improved software could be made available to other Palm OS models. gMedia is about as useful as the PPC Media Player (how many PPC users do you know who've used that feature for video clips in the last month?).

    None of the bells and whistles the CLIE offers are bad. But if you think that criticisms of the product are a partisan manifestation of "Visor fanaticism," that's presumtuous. If you infer that someone is saying that the CLIE "sucks," perhaps "sucks" simply means "not enough value for the money."
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    Product designers announcing prototype specifications and then slowly removing some of them is quite common in any market (so that didn't surprise me (either?))

    Your point about 'Joe Sixpack' only using the built in apps on their palm/visor re-inforces the CLIE in that it comes with many more 'built in' apps. But i'll take the arguement that most palmOS users i know crave additional apps. AND they're 'joe sixpacks'.

    If Sony can be blamed for anything, it's releasing the CLIE early (when considering us 'PDA-geeks' (sorry for using the website word)) They could have waited to have more features available (colour, modem, etc.) But that would mean mucho dollars in the end.
    Most 'Joe Sixpacks' look at the CLIE as something cool and new with features that currently don't exist in other PalmOS devices. As for the price, i'll have to play the PalmVx/V card on that one and say that the $399 price point won't matter to the majority of users out there looking for a PDA. And if you're going to argue the price comment with the Palm M100 card, i'll have to say that that product is targeting a COMPLETELY different market (as shown by the mass disapproval of people on this and other PDA websites...we don't fit in THAT market).

    So if you take into consideration what the CLIE looks like to 'Joe Sixpack' then i bet it'll do well. Sure you (and others here) don't like the 'bang for the buck', but Joe out there sees this as a PalmVx with expansion capabilities and a few bonuses (software/scroll) to boot. And i WON"T go into a comparison between the VisorDeluxe and PalmVx (it's been done to death and unnecessary)

    I don't mind people expressing what THEY think of the CLIE (or ANY product) as you (Gameboy)and others have done. I disagree with people saying it won't sell and blatent comments without justification. Well it won' them.

    I must apologize for referencing comments i've seen on other websites (as well as this one) about this and other products that are not from Handspring. however, i prefer this site over others for voicing my opinions. I get a more intelligent conversation here then other places.
    I love my visor, i 'sell' it to many friends and co-workers all the time...but i've also expressed that every PDA is unique and offers different 'views' on the PDA market. The individual should choose what's best for them.
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    Originally posted by Taki
    James, They are pronouncing Clie like "Cli-eh"(eh sound is very short) in Japan. I personally think this name is pretty bad.
    Agreed--terrible name.

    According to the press release, Clie should be pronounced KLEE-ay.
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    According to the Sony site the mono version has the old Palm-III-style backlight.

    It's not revolutionary, and I prefer my visor, but I think it'll compete well with the Palm Vx.
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    The one thing that the CLIE has going for it is sex appeal. It's great-looking hardware. So you might be right in playing the Palm V/Vx card. After all, I was completely wrong when I predicted that the Palm V would tank (I said the same about the iMac!). It turned out to be Palm's best-selling product.

    But personally, I don't see the association. The CLIE may be thinner, but the height and width dimensions look like a Palm III form factor. People are willing to shell out big bucks for the Palm V/Vx because it's not only thinner, but smaller all around. You can really put it in your shirt pocket, unlike Palm IIIs and Visors. Thinness by itself won't cut it, as one of the Compaq Aeros (can't remember the model numer) demonstrated.

    As for playing the M100 card, there are a lot of reasons for that product's disapproval (hideous form factor, smaller screen, etc.) as opposed to, say, the Palm IIIxe. I still think that most people buy PDAs -- even expensive ones -- as organizers, not as conversation pieces. As much as I like the looks of the CLIE, I'd have to say that, price being equal, I'd still go for the Palm Vx.
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    Having held an M100 in my hand now, I must say it's much more comfortable to hold than the Palm III series, though it's a bit flimsy-feeling compared to the Visor. The flip-over lid doesn't click into place like the newton's did, but it does have a familiar feel to it. I don't think it's such a bad design.
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    sorry to swear, but i wanted the damned color one.... goddamn, i would love to have acolor sony, small, pretty, memory stick expansion, wouldve been sweet

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