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    A while back (some may remember) I ran over my trusty old Sanyo SCP-4700 with my car. No prob, lockline replaced under an almost forgotten circuit city insurance i paid extra for when I bought it.

    Two weeks ago I bought a Jabra BT800 headset. I was working late this past Thursday, and went out for coffee. When I returned to my office, I realized I had misplaced the headset. I quickly got back in my car, fearing that I had left it on the counter at the gas station where I got the coffee. I didn't...... It must've fallen out of my pocket because as I pulled into the station, there it was on the ground, completely destroyed....!!! I had to laugh, because as I examined the carnage, moving the innards around, to my surprise the little blue backlight came on behind a cracked, blank screen... I couldn't believe it actually did this, the thing was completely split open, the board was split in half.... It was kinda sad, like a last breath of dying robot who was only just born....

    Anyway... I gathered up all of the pieces.. luckily I bought this thing on my Amex, and I get 90 days purchase protection for accidental damage.

    So that was that.

    Then.... last night, I sat down to play with my ppc6600, and lo and behold, a spider crack in the lower left corner.... ARGHHH!! I could no longer tap in that general area accurately. The thing that sux about this one is I know for A FACT that i never dropped the unit, or put any kind of bad pressure on it... Today, as luck would have it, the unit froze in the middle of a call, so i hit the soft reset.... nothing... black screen. I hit it again, still nothing. So i took the battery out, and put it back in, and the device had hard reset itself.... o well, i figured, i'll just have to set it up again.


    I couldn't get past the "Align Screen" wizard at startup because of the cracked glass.....


    I got desperate... check this out:

    My ppc6600 is a replacement for a 6601 that i bought in January. I was able to get a 6600 as a replacement, because the ROM update had not come out for the 6601 as of yet (in february). I have been so busy that I haven't had the time to send back the 6601. SO....

    I went to home depot. I bought a mini torx screwdriver set. I proceeded to dismantle my 6600. It was a little tricky, and required very cautious assessment and handling of the hidden fasteners and teeny cable harnesses, but I have actually been completely successful in swapping the screens of the two units. Both are still working. The 6601 with the cracked screen is now going back to sprint!

    The insides of these units are interesting... I looked around for jumpers or dipswitches but couldnt find any. The camera lens on the 6600 is adjustable, i imagine for focus. There are no adjustments for the slide friction: just a flimsy unadjustable plastic pressure plate. I was hoping to see an attenuation pot for the speaker volume, but alas, none. The vibration motor is kinda cool, a little off-center weight on a spindle, that spins in a solenoid. Its on the lower left side, just next to the mic below the green phone button. Not much else to say, but it was a fun experience....!

    check out these pics of my BT800:
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    Making note to myself: Keep Limesparks away from all your gadgets. If he so much as looks at them they will probably break
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    Great story and totally impressed by your technical wizardry.
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    Aah, gotta re-read this when I'm having a bad day. Nice recovery!

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    Obviously a design error; the BT800 is supposed to deploy an airbag when it senses rapid deceleration! Sorry....
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    Quote Originally Posted by GWB
    Obviously a design error; the BT800 is supposed to deploy an airbag when it senses rapid deceleration! Sorry....
    Hahahahah. This is funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by juice
    That's got to be one of the funniest things I've ever read! Can't you just picture "Joe Cool" in a bar with his Glove phone!

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