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    Quote Originally Posted by golfingtigger
    May I ask a dumb question, JeffNYC? Why not sync the Treo with Outlook by changing the PIM it defaults to? Then you wouldn't have to worry about moving anything from Palm Desktop. Maybe I'm missing something here.
    Not a dumb question at all. I was inquiring as to the best way to "dump" the data into Outlook and it seems that might be the best way. First thing I will do is set-up Outlook to have the same catagories, etc- hopefully that will smooth over the transition.

    Basically I have many years worth of data in my Treo, plus my wifes, and I am trying to figure out the most painless way of handling this. I have had issues in the past where mass edits were required and I simply do not have the time or energy to handle it.

    On top of that, it will be a new OS for me, new apps to find, e-mail solutions to work out, accex to buy, threads to read, tips to discover, etc.

    And then there is the job, house, wife, kids... oh yeah, and cool bluetooth headset to pair up. Not in that order of coarse- headset comes first.

    Anyway, I will have more questions, so thanks for being so helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl
    Bull. Avantgo wasn't laughed off-stage and neither were several of the developers of Handmark products.
    like what? monopoly and warfare inc? jeebus. Seriously now. I couldn't name two popular Palm OS apps that also make it big in PPC land. All Palm OS apps that gets ported to PPC is sort of flopping around in bottom feeders rank. They are all too primitive compared to the top sharks.

    I'm sorry you are "married" to your handheld platform -- I'm not. Today, the PPC is the best choice for me but tomorrow it might be something else.

    PPCs and Palms BOTH have value and BOTH have limitations. Thinking people weigh the pros and cons for THEIR needs and make the right choice for them. If you don't want to read repeat posts -- just learn how to ignore them like I do.
    we are not even talking about image or some some meta discussion about which platform is more evil to human civilization. It's pretty basic fact: If any Palm OS apps that got ported to PPC actually making it big in PPC scene.

    On the reverse side, Some of PPC games that was previously available in PPC only has make it top 10 in Palm scene once Palm starts using ARM.

    my point: PPC apps are far more advance and feature rich. What's available in POS are low quality and doesn't make the grade in PPC scene.

    PS. I am pretty convince now, using PalmOS too long has the same effect as alcoholism. It makes people stupid. gah...!
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    Sorry you've been suffering for so long and hope you are getting the help you need.
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    well, was going to post how to post how to get gmail thingy. ...
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    LOL. Huh?
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    Here is my review of the PDA2k (GSM version of this phone) vs. Treo 600. It might be usefull for you:
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyH
    LOL. Huh?

    yeah, huh is about right.
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