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    Have tried installing Socket Windows Mobile 2003 software via setup.exe file multiple times and always get error message "One or more components of Wlan Tools are not fournd or there are too few resources available to start the program. Please verify proper installation of Wlan Tools and try again." If I launch the program I get the same error message. (I have 40+M memory available).

    If I soft reset, the program will open but doesn't seem to do anything; can't turn on radio, search for networks, etc. When I go to the "About" tab, the Driver version says <unknown> and Firmware version says <unknown>, so I suspect that is the problem but don' know what to do about it.

    I had my T600 whipped, but I'm still new to the Windows environment and a little bit overwhelmed. All help appreciated.
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    HobbesIsReal has his PPC6600 working with a socket IO SD WiFi card. Perhaps he can help.
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    I was hoping for Hobbes help on this, but didn't want to "call him out" directly. Don't want to abuse his generosity on this board.
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    goto and download the new drivers

    do not install them while the card is in the sd slot

    soft reset (stylus + button)

    wait until today screen comes on

    put wifi card in slot

    make sure green light flickers (it tries to find your ap/wireless router) and then maintain green

    and this point you can go into socket tools and configure the necessary guidelines for connecting

    hope this helps
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    Thanks for the response Sledgie, I tried your suggestions but still exactly the same indication of power to card (green light) and drivers still <unknown>.

    The opening page of the install program says the device must have SDIO Now! from BSQUARE; could that be the problem? Somehow I'm missing something here.

    No response from Socket customer service yet, so who knows. Maybe I should try the Sandisk card instead.

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