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    If you wanted to make a somewhat fair comparison, you should have suggested a T3 or T5 paired with the 6620 but then you are moving away from convergence. You are trying to compare a Nokia 6620 Symbian-based, limited functionality phone to a fully functional, Palm-based smartphone. It is like comparing a concert-series sound system to an iPod. When you look at what a Treo 650 can do vs. the 6620, there is little comparison. They both have data, multimedia, contacts and voice. The 650 will do over and above what the 6620 can do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    It showed up on page 1 of "New Posts" just now for me

    New Posts is your buddy, New Posts is your pal
    Yah, that's how I read this place (after checking subscribed threads first)..
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    This is a phone... a mere phone. Sheesh!
    Move it to Off Topic or move it out.
    Censorship is underrated... watched any TV lately? Did you see the Michigan-Northwestern game? Sheesh!
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    Ooops... I see it's it's for phones too... sorry... sheesh!
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    What I asserted is true... Comparison underway now as I have GSM 650 in hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbhausen
    You and everyone else know darn well moving it to "Other Handhelds" is the next thing to censorship--no one will notice it there.
    You're so funny, tb. I check in at Treo Central every day, and the only place I look is Other Handhelds, Phones, and Smartphones. If the mods had left your thread in the 650 section, I would have missed it completely.
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    Well, I'm sure that's not a typical usage pattern here at TC.

    I gotta be careful about words like "no one".

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    Quick update... Unless p1 addresses the low volume issues soon, this is going to be a pretty easy call (650 vs 6620). I don't think my hearing is what it used to be (I'm 41). I can't hear my voicemail in a car, even on speaker.

    For all the reasons stated at the start of the thread, plus not having to worry about a fragile screen--and the fact that the whole package just flat-out WORKS, the 6620 is a darn hard act to follow. I love how the 650 renders web sites (even optomized mode), but Opera 7 is right around the corner so that could get better.

    EDIT: I should also add that I like being "100% legal" with cingular. I have the old unlimited MEdiaWorks plan, which this handset is approved for (though it's quite rightly a "PDA", just lacking a QWERTY keyboard). I can even insure it and when MobiTV adds FOX News, well, that could be the final factor. No need to worry about high data consumption showing up; MobiTV is a bandwidth-eating monster! And Nokia PC Suite sure has come a long way. It's elegant and rock-solid for Outlook synch.

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    I'm probably going to keep one of our roadshow GSM 650's and sell the other (here to a TC'er) just in case a firmware update comes thru. The 6620 just works too damn well to let go of.

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    Probably the final update 650 vs. 6620: We indeed did decide to keep one of two 650's at our company. I'm going to remain active in TC and work with it until I feel ready to totally rely on it for business. Cool part is Nokia PC Suite and Palm Desktop seem to co-exist fine. Such a damn nice device--if it were just a bit louder I'd live happily ever after (or at least until the 670 or whatever comes out). I know it's pointless to exchange as no one seems to think the 650's particularly loud (though loud enough for many, just not me).

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    The Nokia 6620 looks like a good phone, and is probably very reliable for voice, but for data I'm spoiled by touch screens and virtual keyboards for entering data. I can't imagine myself typing posts here, or emailing anyone using T9 multitap from phone dialing pad. It would drive me crazy.
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    TonyH, your point is well-taken. I typed my first somewhat lengthy e-mail on the 6620 (average sized ones are OK) and it was no fun with a dialpad. Everything's beautiful about the 6620 except the manner of user input. That's why I'm hanging on for dear life to a 650 and hoping like heck the firmware updates help things out. I'm going to try the iTECH virtual laser keyboard and the S60 HID driver in the next day or so.

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