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    I was in Best Buy today and noticed they have reduced the price of the IIIc to 349.99. The clerk mentioned that they had just initialized a new sku for a new Palm unit and stated that typically within 2 weeks they receive the new item.

    Anyone heard of a next generation Palm unit coming out? I don't believe that its for one of the designer Palm V's but could be wrong. Typically, Palm lowers the price on units that they are replacing.

    There is some buzz about the new ARM processors and perhaps we'll see a new color Palm first with this technology.

    Just curious
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    I haven't heard of any news for a new device showing up .. I have seen the VIIx and m100's out in the stores -- I wonder if the new device is the limited edition Palm Vx (millennium blue and champagne colored) --- Beyond that, I highly doubt its the ARM processor based units .. I'd imagine the Palm developers forum would be pushing out SDKs and demo units to interested developers to get some applications developed before the devices hit...


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