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    I am trying to decide which Smartphone to buy. Should I purchase Siemens SX 66 (from Cingular) or Audiovox XV6600 (from Verizon) and why?
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    Main differences are:

    XV6600 works on CDMA and EVDO enabled, has no WiFi built-in
    SX66 works on GPS/GPRS, has Wifi built-in, and is not EDGE enabled.

    In just about verything else, they're identical. Neither phone has a camera.
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    Without knowing the difference between CDMA and GPS/GPRS I am still not sure which one will be better and WHY?
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    As far as features are concerned they are identical. GSM and CDMA are the voice networks, and GPRS and 1XRTT/EVDO are the data networks. GSM is used by Cingular, AT&T, and T-Mobile, while CDMA is the network for Verizon, and Sprint. You should read up at the following two forums:

    The first forum is the CDMA version phones (PPC6600, PPC6601, XV6600)
    The second forum is the GSM forum (Sx66, PDA2K, Qtek9090,XDAIII)

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