To make a long story short, my cell phone got wet in Vegas this past weekend so I'm shopping for a new phone. I went into the Cingular store and the lady really recommended the Motorola v551. I looked at the Treo 650 for a while and realy liked it, but all in all, I think it's way more phone that I need. I don't travel much, I work from home, etc.

So I went ahead and ordered the v551 tonite. But after doing a little more research in this forum, in particular, I see many of you use PDA's to act like the 650. I think my v551 has the capability to hook up to a PDA.

So I guess what I'm looking for is a recommendation for a PDA from you guys. I don't need something cutting edge, in the least. I'm going to get the Cingular MediaNet package which has unlimited internet, so I'd like a PDA that can browse the internet, maybe act as a GPS (does that add a lot to the cost?) and get POP3 emails when I'm away from home. Can pretty much all recent model PDA's do that? Oh, something with a QWERTY keyboard would be nice, too. Loking to maybe spend a few hundred bucks, give or take. I don't IM alot, but I'm really excited about being able to use Yahoo Yellow Pages and Yahoo Maps from the car. I'm always calling friends from the road saying "hey, can you look up this number for me?" or "hey, can you find out the address of so-and-so business?"

Also, I know this site is kinda geared toward the Treo phones. Is there another site dedicated to using a cell phone and PDA combo? Or is this the place to be?

Thanks in advance guys. Looking forward to seeing what I've been missing all this time.