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    I have a Treo 650 and have been enjoying reading books on it. My wife has noticed. She does not want a Treo as she prefers a lighter phone. Which palm device would be best for someone who only wants it to read and maybe for some low demand organizer abilities and does not need web search? Also, if the device is light, that is a bonus.

    Thx for any thoughts?


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    Does she need to have a Smartphone or can she just get a little phone and a PDA?
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    In the non phone Palm devices, my favorite is the Tungsten C. If you don't need the QWERTY keyboard the Tungsten T5 is excellent, and has a bigger screen that helps in eBook reading.

    Of course she could go the PPC route and get a Dell Axim X30 or X50.
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    She has a small phone (the LG Bluetooth model). Thus, she only needs a palm reader/schedule device. Thanks for the thoughts. I will look into the Tungsten C.



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