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    It's been mentioned before, but I thought I'd give props again

    The M68 looks really sweet. Too bad it's not quad band, but I guess Tri-Band for specific markets isn't too bad. I often think that I'd give up the keyboard on my 650 for a reduction in size. Sometimes, you just want a phone that's also happens to be a good PDA. The M68 looks like it's trying to be this.

    Of course no CDMA version. I'd love a GSM phone. If only Cingular would match $10 Vision. I'll be stuck with CDMA forever.
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    If it came in a flip phone form I would buy it and give Palm OS another shot. Hopefully it won't have the T650 sneezing fits (resets when the phone rings).

    Memory is not enough @ 32MB ROM and 64MB Flash.
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    No qwerty keyboard, I'm not interested.
    Bob Meyer
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    I'm not much of a typist. I tap screen keyboards with my fat pen/stylus and get better results. My concern is that with that little memory, and so many available 3rd party apps that it would start locking up and resetting like the Treo 650.

    Who am I kidding. I'm getting addicted to PPC platform. It offers me much more of what I need. I used Palm for years. Time to move on. Now I gotta find an SX66 real killer.

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