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    I just read news on that Sony Ericcson is going to introduce a successor to their popular P910, possibly the P915 or P1000? Whatever it is, itll have built in WiFi, Bluetooth, a fixed keyboard (unlike the 910), and a 320x240 QVGA screen. And knowing Sony Ericsson Im sure it'll have a 1mp camera (or better), and will be reliable, albeit expensive as hell.

    Before the Treo police comes a-knockin' though, I want to make perfectly clear that Im a Treo advocate myself. Hearing news about possible "treo killers" are music to my ears only because it adds competition to the market for the treo 650. And with all the problems associated with the Treo 650 and the deception associated with PalmOne, I think its about time something comes into the market that will put PalmOne in their place.

    Since we're on the topic here are some links to a few possible "treo killers"....

    Sony Ericsson P915/1000?

    Samsung i730

    T-Mobile MDA IV

    BenQ P50
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    LOL. It's funny you have to insert that comment about the Treo police knocking to avoid being chased through cyberspace by Treo hardcores.

    I'm a former Treo 650 owner, and PPC phone convert. Come on, Treo police, bash the PPC phones all ya want. I don't care. I'm not married to it. LOL
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    I think the real treo killer will be when iJam II comes out. I am putting my money on that. The jam is actually selling pretty well in Asia and Europe. Neat design, small package, and WiFi... ( I think thumboard is a clunker)
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    I know all about the Jam, but how does the Imate JamII differ?
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    rumor has it, it's the same as iJam, except with built in WiFi.
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    My SX66 has built-in WiFi. It is a replica of the the PDA2K. The only problems I'm having with it are Bluetooth static and low volumes. And that is frustrating enough to carry a Moto v551 for reliable voice calling. As far as WiFi and GPRS the SX66 is great.

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